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Really, LJ?


Apart from the anonymous icons, which I think are kind of cute, the re-design is hideous. I don't often use the subject line in my comments, but I know that a lot of people do and I completely understand why they're upset.

I don't like the new drop-down menu for the icons either. They're no longer in alphabetical order, which means I have to scroll through all of them to find the one I want, whereas in the past, I could just start typing a keyword and the one I wanted would be selected.

Okay, I've found the search box. Actually, that change isn't so awful. But the rest of my rant still stands.

This update was poorly handled in every respect.
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End the patriarchy and that it entails, everywhere.
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"A Christmas Story"
"Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown"
"How the Grinch Stole Christmas"
"Casablanca" and "Lord of the Rings" (not holiday films per se, but I usually watch one or both on New Year's Eve)
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1. Donations to animal rescue organizations, especially Caring For Cats in Minnesota and the Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary in North Carolina.

2. New winter pajamas

3. a full-time job

4. Chris Pine

5. Alfred Hitchcock: The Essentials Collection on DVD

6. Tickets to "The Nutcracker" ballet in NY

7. Woolen purple mittens

8. A blue Honda Fit
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ALL OF THEM. Well, depending on how hormonal I am.

The ones that always make me cry, though:

"Mary Poppins." When Mary comes floating down through that flurry of cherry blossom petals, and then at the end when Mr. Banks gives the kite to his kids. I bawl every time. But they're tears of joy, really. I love this movie so much, and have since I was very small.

"Toy Story 2." Jessie's backstory and the accompanying Sarah McLachlan song make me weep. The irony is, I bought the DVD back in 2003 as a little pick-me-up after my cat, Mr. Data, died. I'd seen the movie twice before, once in college with some friends, and once in Edinburgh with some other friends, and both times had been wonderful experiences, so the movie had had good associations. But then I started associating it, and that song in particular, with my kitty's death and ... yeah. I had to delete the song from my iTunes, since every time it came up I'd burst into tears. I should probably just give away the DVD since I haven't been able to watch it since 2003.
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- Pay off my student loans
- Pay off my sister's student loans (I hate her, but I'm not evil)
- Offer to pay off what's left of my brother's student loans (though I think his are nearly paid off)
- Pay off my mom's mortgage
- Take an awesome vacation with my dad, maybe to Patagonia or Easter Island - or both
- Take a trip to Scotland
- Make a donation to my favorite cat shelter
- See if my stepsiblings need anything
- get LASIK eye surgery for self
- Obtain health insurance (if none is provided by employer)

Save whatever is left. I guess I'll keep my Toyota until it dies or requires expensive repairs. Then I'll get myself a sweet little blue Honda. Doesn't have to be new.
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The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen. As a child, I was drawn to stories with wintry settings (The Snow Queen, The Nutcracker, the first Narnia book, The Empire Strikes Back, etc.). I guess there was something enchanting about the way snow alters a landscape, something appealing about the bite of the wind. I also liked the fact that it's the girl, Gerda, who does all the action in the story, while Kay needs to be rescued. Gerda gets plenty of help, but she's a child.

Plus you have demons and bandits and and talking animals and magical castles...

It's awesome. I still love it.
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Three words: New England autumn.

When the sky is a perfect cornflower blue, the leaves are red and gold, and the air is crisp so you need a light jacket during the day and warm pajamas at night. Weather for drinking hot apple cider, and just being outside. Everything is dying or going to sleep or heading south for the winter, but you don't mind because it's just so beautiful.
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The unicorn lived in a lilac wood and she lived all alone.
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"You, Rachel, could solve a problem like Maria."
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Not ordinarily. I mean, I have a black cat who crosses my path just about every day. But I like to hear "Crash and Burn" by Savage Garden before getting on an airplane. Just for laughs.
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Wonder Woman, already! And I think Rosario Dawson would be beautiful in the role. Mmm, Gina Torres could be Hippolyta. (And Chris Pine as Steve Trevor? *g*)

Eh, they'd probably screw it all up.

But, FFS. Batman's been rebooted. Spiderman is being rebooted. Superman has been rebooted twice. Where is my Wonder Woman?
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The names I have given to my vehicles are:

Bonnie Blue (1992 Toyota Camry, my first car)
Martha (2001 Hyundai Elantra, named for Martha Jones, because she was approximately the same color as Dr. Jones's jacket)
Vent (1999 Toyota Camry, because of the letters on the license plate and because I! Fucking! Hate! This! Car! But at least he's working reasonably well now. Vent is my first boy car, apparently.)

Silver (as in "Hiyo, Silver!" - the bike I used in Japan *g*)
Sulu (my current bike, since it's a Trek bike, and frankly, I would totally ride new!Sulu)
??? (the bike I'm borrowing from my landlady - it needs a temporary name)

Also, my iPod is named Veronica and my MacBook Pro is named Serenity. My previous laptop was named Madeleine, and the one before that was Eddie. I don't think my other computers had names.

I should have a biking icon.
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Living in a beautiful New York apartment rent-free? With exposed brick and a view of the park? (I like exposed brick.) Are you kidding me? HELL TO THE YEAH.

I mean, so long as it was no one I knew.


It would depend on how well I knew them.

And how much I actually liked them.

Also, I don't believe in ghosts.


Dear boy person:

It would be better for my heart if you'd stop writing amusing, charming things where I can read them. *sigh*




As usual, no idea how the interview went. My stomach is all tied up in knots, though.
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I drove for 16 1/2 hours one time, from Billings, Montana to Woodbury, Minnesota. I'd meant to stop in Fargo, North Dakota for the night. But I missed the exit and decided to keep going instead of turning around. I hadn't realized Minnesota was so wide.

I had my cats with me too. O_o
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You ruined math for me. Bitch. Also, your sweater vests are really fucking ugly.

Craptacular mood continues. My co-worker called in sick, so I'm all alone at the desk today. A dear, sweet person tried to cheer me up by bringing me a brownie (or a bar, as we call them in Minnesota, which is more appropriate in this instance since the thing isn't really brown) and it has coconut in it.

Housemate, earlier: "I wish I had your energy this early in the morning."
Me: "Oh, I don't have any. I just pretend I do."

For real.

There's no "Fringe" tonight, is there?
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Sushi. I am never not in the mood for sushi.

Am at the reference desk and I can't seem to get comfortable. I had a massage this morning before work, and it felt wonderful but now there's this dull ache in my back, which moves around. I want to lie down.

I rented "Agora," which is a film about Hypatia, the last librarian of the Library at Alexandria, starring Rachel Weisz. I've heard good things about it. Should be depressing!

I also want to get to work on my hurty new story! I'm excited about it. Why I like hurt/comfort as a genre and don't find it inherently problematic. )

Just thinking while I try to sort out this question that came across my desk.
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When it comes to cars, my desires are rather modest. I'm fond of the Honda Civic, particularly the hybrid version. Ideally, it would be dark blue. And have heated seats.

We're having another cold weather advisory today. Grrr. It's about -20 with the wind chill. I was watching a nature program about Antarctica the other day, and they were saying that the average temperature in summer there is about -20. Lovely. Am so looking forward to getting home and getting into bed with my book and my laptop and a cup of tea.

I need to decorate my room a little more. I can't hang anything on the walls, though there's plenty of room for framed photos on the desk and dresser. I should see if I can locate some of the bells and things I got in Japan, since there are no cats to knock them over.

I miss my cats. :( I miss having a warm body cuddled against me at night.

I severely need a boyfriend, I think.

Made my coffee waaaay too strong this morning. Right now I'm kind of bouncy, but I'm going to crash.

[ profile] km_anthology story is 1,300 words and growing, albeit slowly. Work has me kind of drained, but I'm hoping to get some writing done on my day off tomorrow. For the moment, Jim is just alone with his thoughts, which is tough. He has a lot to go through in his head, but it's frustrating for me because character interaction is my forte. If I can get past this scene, I think the rest will come easily.
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Heh. Thistle Rose was a druid from a D&D campaign that never got off the ground. She was young and kind of zealous about protecting the trees, and I liked her, but by then I was mostly losing interest in RPGs. She popped up occasionally in stories, but only in bit parts. I always liked the name, though. In fact, my first non-school email address was thistlerose at hotmail (now defunct). When it came time to choose a livejournal name, it felt right. Plus, I love Scotland so the thistles are appropriate. And I used to be obsessed with the War of the Roses, so the roses are appropriate. The wild rose is also the state flower of NY, where I am from.

I wouldn't change it. It would be confusing, for one thing. I've been Thistlerose for more than seven years and I still like the way it sounds.

  • It's snowing again, and I did not sleep well last night, so I think I am going to spend the next couple of nights in Saint Cloud. Haven't decided if I'll be taking my laptop with me. I want to so I can write and IM, but I'm not sure I want to worry about it. It's probably safe in one of my co-workers offices, but... Meh.

  • I'm looking into renting a room in Saint Cloud, since they want me to start working 4 days a week now and the commute is killer. One of my co-workers knows a professor who has a place, so I'm going to check it out tomorrow. Fucking snow.

  • Wow, January is pretty much over. It has not been the best month ever, but...

    Anyway, these are the fics I posted in January:

    Star Trek: DS9/TNG | Keiko/Miles, Molly | teen(ish) | 1,170 words | Before leaving for DS9, Keiko and Miles bring three-year-old Molly to Japan to meet her grandparents.

    Star Trek: AOS | Kirk/McCoy | adult | 880 words | Jim discovers one of Bones's secret kinks, which he is more than happy to indulge.

    These Are the Arms You Fell Into
    Star Trek: AOS | Joanna, Jim, background Kirk/McCoy | all ages | 1,300 words | Joanna didn't always like Jim or his influence on her dad. After eight years, though, she's come around.

    Under a Rhyming Planet
    Star Trek: AOS | Winona/George | adult | 1,790 words | George and Winona make the most of their shore leave.

    The Ache in Every Song
    Star Trek: DS9 | Dax, Kira, possibly Kira/Dax | all ages | 1,970 words | Early in their friendship Jadzia shares something personal with Nerys.

    Over Noodles
    Rent | Mark, Joanne | teen | 1,360 words | Joanne and Mark meet for lunch. Things have changed a little bit in the two years since that Christmas Eve at the Life Cafe.

    Getting To Know You
    Star Trek: AOS | Scotty, McCoy | all ages | 800 words | McCoy's having a bad day and Scotty isn't making it better. Somehow, they end up as friends.

    Thou Best and Dearest
    Star Trek: TOS/TNG | Scotty, Spock, background Scotty/Uhura | all ages | 1,550 words | Set post-"Relics" (TNG). Scotty didn't want to know about the fates of his friends, but when he runs into Spock, he can't help asking about one.
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    My cat Sophie, so I can ask her why she's so flipping neurotic. We could talk about her issues.

  • Between birthdays and holidays, I have two copies of Let It Snow: Three Holiday Romances by John Green, Maureen Johnson, and Lauren Myracle. One copy is free to a good home (US only - sorry), for the price of shipping (probably about $4). It's in good condition, though it's a library discard so there are stickers and stamps on the covers. ETA: Reserved.

  • I don't think I mentioned this before, but...

    Morning Finds You Still Warm and Breathing was nominated for an award (Best One-Shot) at the 2010 Spock/Uhura Awards
    and Don't Look Back was nominated for an award (Outstanding Drabble or Ficlet) at the [ profile] hpgw_otp Best of 2010. Go me!

    (Looking back, I wish I'd called that first story "Cast Me Gently Into Morning." Same idea.)

  • Neil DeGrasse Tyson is on The Daily Show tonight. *has a crush*

    ETA: afkjahdkfjahdkf He's so cute.
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