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Holy shit! )
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Dude dude dude dude dude!!!!!!!!!

*wrings hands*

Yeah, that's about all I've got right now.

So, what did you guys think?
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Against my better judgement, I'm going back and watching all the S1 Torchwood episodes I skipped because, frankly, I thought it was bad. So, last night I watched "Countrycide" and "Greeks Bearing Gifts" and I still think it's bad, but not that bad. Random thoughts: )

Which, actually, isn't a bad segue into my thoughts on Buffy: Season 8, Issue 12: I don't think it's too spoilerific to say outside the cut that Buffy has the cutest pajamas I've seen in a long, long time. )

Oh, and I'm not moving to Utah.
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- Agenda for the day: taxes, gym, update FAFSA, fic.

- My tenth high school reunion is this year. I won't be going, mostly because it'll be in the spring and I won't be moving back east until at least August. (Unless there's a change of plans. But right now, I seem to have settled on Drexel and Philadelphia.) I've been feeling oddly nostalgic for high school. Odd because, until my senior year, I was mostly miserable. I've been looking people up through the alumnae website, and seeing how successful some of them are, and feeling discouraged. High school, I'm coming to realize, was all about excelling. My high school was, anyway. College, on the other hand, was mostly about discovering yourself. I felt fabulous after my college reunion. I'm pretty sure I'd feel intimidated if I went to my high school reunion. *sigh*

- The NY Times has endorsed Hillary Clinton as the Democratic candidate for president. There are some things I like about Clinton, some things I don't, but I can't say it wasn't a bit exhilirating, reading a paper as widely read as the Times, endorsing a woman - not because she's a woman, but because she's qualified.

The Times also endorsed John McCain as the Republican candidate, and it turned out to be kind of a fun read because it wasn't so much an edorsement of McCain as an indictment of all the other hopefuls. (Especially Giuliani.)

- I posted fic the other day: Pieces of Home, which is about Xander and Dawn (gen) post-series. There's a special guest star.

- I seem to be the only person on my flist who didn't care for "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang," the first episode of the new Torchwood season. I liked "Sleeper" better. Read more... )
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Wow. I guess last night's fic really stank. Either that, or somehow everyone missed it. Alas, the former's more likely. Oh, well. I liked it as I was writing it and I haven't glanced over it since before I hit post, but I was also tired and determined to finish it before ten. I'm glad it's done. I used to write chaptered stories, but lately everything's been short. Get in, get out, move on. I don't like to think of myself as a flake, so yeah. I feel like I accomplished something, albeit something very minor.

On to pimpage!

[ profile] gunderpants has created [ profile] deathly_lollows for quality HP humor fic. I really hope it takes off. It looks promising. And there isn't enough good HP humor. It's hard. And entirely too many people who think they're funny aren't.

There's also [ profile] tenyearsofbuffy, which should be self-explanatory. I submitted a few prompts, and may claim one. I'd like to write more Buffy. Er, despite what I said about not writing so much fanfic this year. Tne years of Buffy! Question about the end of S3 )

Thoughts on the Torchwood season finale. Not as good as the previous episode, but... )

Thoughts on The Sarah Jane Adventures. Sonic lipstick! )
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STFU, Pat Robertson. Mass killings. You'd like that, wouldn't you? You'd feel quite smug and superior if that happened. I hope someone drops a house on you.

Oh, bite me, Massachusetts. Don't be an asshat. Bravo to the new governor for speaking out against the amendment.

While I'm on the subject of gay, I chose a good time to give Torchwood another try. )
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Finally got a chance to watch last night's Grey's Anatomy. Hmmm... )

ETA: I also got to watch last Sunday's Torchwood, "Cyberwoman." I don't feel like getting into it now, as it's late and I have writing to do, but I thought it was lame. Uh, they only have time for a partial conversion (since when? as I recall, the conversion is very fast) but they take the time to design that titillating outfit? PLEASE.
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This was rather stirring. Kevin Tillman, who also served in Iraq, talks about his brother Pat, and the war. It's short and to the point.

I watched the second episode of Torchwood today. I'm liking the series, but not loving it yet. It's not as much fun as Doctor Who. Jack is lovely. I wish we saw more of him, but I get that the writers want him to be a bit of a mystery. I love his coat. Very sexy. When he's intense, he kind of reminds me of Tom Cruise, but much better looking and without the batshittery. (Well, I don't know what John Barrowman is like in real life.)

I had a dream about Lost last night. The Others tortured Sawyer by giving him a bath. *snerk*

And I watched "Passion" and "I Only Have Eyes For You" (BtVS). Yeah, I watch too much tv. But the episodes gave me some ideas for my fic. And Giles made me cry. (I have a couple of nitpicks. When Willow says that she was able to get Jenny's lessons off her, how? Angelus destroyed the computer. I suppose Willow could mean Jenny saved the lessons to disk, but then wouldn't she have said, "Fortunately, Miss Calendar saved her lessons to disk," or similar? And while the song "I Only Have Eyes For You" predates the murder, the version that James and Grace dance to is anachronistic. Just saying.)

Today is the last day to submit prompts to [ profile] humbuggery! I'll write them all up tomorrow, and then claiming can begin. Remember, there are no commitments here. I just hope people will write! And draw! Because that would be awesome. And the deadline isn't until February. AND the minimum word count is only 500.
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] kyasuriin!


Just watched the first episode of Torchwood. It's cool! )


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