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Why do I keep watching Grey's Anatomy? )

How is it only 2:30? It feels so much later. I'm trying to brace myself for a walk to the dry cleaner's. It's too short a trip to justify taking the car, but it's 23 degrees out. I suppose I could bike it. Brrrr.
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So, I caught the Grey's Anatomy season finale the other week. Read more... )
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Guys, please put large images behind cuts. That includes YouTube things. I've been trimming my flist. I'm perfectly aware of what an ornery bitch that makes me. No need to say it. :)

Any Peter Beagle fans in the New York area? He's going to be in town next weekend and there's a chance to actually meet him. I got this from his newsletter: Read more... )


This is what I wish had happened on last night's Grey's. Not sure why I'm cutting it since it's not a spoiler, but... Addison and... )
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Fneh. I missed about thirty minutes of it, and I feel like I didn't miss anything. Read more... )

How come I always get spam about enlarging my penis? Is there something ambiguous about my screen name? I only see the spam that somehow escapes my filter, but how come I never see things about boob enhancement? Or vibrators? Or something? Not that I want to see any spam.

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Oh, airlines. If I'm going to get on a plane in Minneapolis at 6am, I expect to get out of one in Boston before noon. Not at 3pm, not at 2pm. Argh.

I can't believe I'm contemplating getting on an airplane at 6am. I'd have to leave my house by...4am. *whimper*

Last night's Grey's )


Feb. 22nd, 2007 10:57 pm
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Spoilers, yo )

Caught the first few minutes of Oprah's Oscar thing. I wouldn't have watched any of it, but Clooney was there and YUM. Julia's pretty adorable, too.

I saw an albino squirrel today. Apparently, one lives near the office. His name - we're assuming it's male - is Al. I'd never seen an albino squirrel before.
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Grey's Anatomy spoilers )

During the ads, I caught a couple of minutes of Supernatural. I really need to get caught up on that show. The snippet I saw was hilarious.

It's almost Friday already. This week went by so quickly. Which is good. I need to get some writing done this weekend. My [ profile] tenyearsofbuffy fic is due in a week and a half. I just need a good opening. I feel like this one will sort of write itself if only I can figure out how it begins.
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So, I spent the week speculating about the promised gore-fest, and I kept coming back to Read more... )
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You know what sucks? My gaydar. I never know. Even when I think I do, I don't. I'm also really bad at guessing people's ages. This was amusing in Japan because some of my co-workers were under the impression that Americans think the Japanese tend to look youthful (which, to be fair, some Americans do). So, they would ask me how old I thought they were, thinking I'd estimate low. Only, I didn't. I told a twenty-five year-old co-worker that he was thirty, and after that no one asked me. And my gaydar is just as out of whack. Two guys or two girls have to be smooching before I'll venture a guess. It's not that I assume people are hetero. I just can't tell. See how Smith messed me up? /random

Anyway, Grey's Anatomy! (I hope the icon isn't too spoilery. That happened two weeks ago.)

[ profile] lady_sarai, I thought of you when spoiler )

More spoilers )
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I think I'm coming down with something. It's either a bad cold, which is going around the office, or the flu, which my mother had. Fneh.

Anyway, new "Grey's Anatomy"! Spoilers )
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Finally got a chance to watch last night's Grey's Anatomy. Hmmm... )

ETA: I also got to watch last Sunday's Torchwood, "Cyberwoman." I don't feel like getting into it now, as it's late and I have writing to do, but I thought it was lame. Uh, they only have time for a partial conversion (since when? as I recall, the conversion is very fast) but they take the time to design that titillating outfit? PLEASE.
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Finished S2 of Grey's Anatomy. I watched 5 episodes tonight. I'd only meant to watch two. I deserve an honorary MD. )

My muse has left me. I don't know where he's gone. I wish he'd come back. :(
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OMG, Cristina is Jewish AND an atheist AND a Smithie! And she kicks ass in other ways. *loves her*

I was only going to watch one episode tonight, but then all three cats climbed onto me and fell asleep, so I didn't want to move.

Torchwood (I hope!) tomorrow!

Also, Run, Obama, run!
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So, about a third of the way through season two of Grey's Anatomy.

OMG, Burke! )
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I ♥ Miranda Bailey so much. I want to squish her, but she would probably hit me. Or snark at me. I love when she snarks. I love when she lets her guard down (a little) and is protective of Cristina. (I also love Cristina.) And when she tries so hard to save that kid. And when she gets excited about a date with her husband, even after ten years.

I just love her.


I should have a Miranda icon.

A piece of insulation fell off the ceiling, in the part of the house that's under construction, and scared the bejeesus out of my cat. I don't want her playing there anymore, but I can't stop her.

OMG, I am a mommy. A cat's mommy.


I wrote a lot of cover letters today. My brain feels taxed. One of these applications has to yield results. This is ridiculous.

Also, I'm still reading Virginia Woolf. She's taxing my brain too, but in a nice way.

I was thinking I might drive to Carley State Park tomorrow afternoon. It's south of the Twin Cities, and the leaves are supposed to be at their peak. Maybe I'll go for a hike.

If anything falls on my cat, I will not be happy. I don't think the insulation is heavy enough to seriously hurt her, but still, I don't want anything falling on my little girl. (Will doesn't hang out there so much.)

ETA: Grey's Anatomy! That's a pun! I just got that. *is slow sometimes*


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