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Started re-watching the early seasons of BtVS, looking for inspiration for my forever-in-progress Xander-centric story. Last night I watched "Welcome To the Hellmouth" for the first time in ... six years? Something like that.

They're all so little. And cute.

I'd forgotten that Xan was the first person to welcome Buffy to Sunnydale (okay, he had ulterior motives, but whatever) and that he was the first person (apart from Giles) to find out she's the Slayer. I can use that.

Totally underwhelmed by Tuesday's "Glee." Spoilers )
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From [ profile] 3goodtimes:

When you see this, post another Buffy quote in your LJ. Let's see how long this can go on.

Angelus: So that's everything, huh? No weapons, no friends, no hope. Take all that away, and what's left?

Buffy: ME.

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I posted a fic last night!

Field Work, an X-Men/Buffyverse crossover. Faith/Logan, for mature audiences, approx. 1,500 words.

Dennis Kucinich introduced articles of impeachment against Bush last night, and there's nothing about it in today's news. Sad. Not that anything will come of it, but it's on the record that there's at least one Democrat on Congress with a spine.

Since Kucinich is awesome, I'll sandwich him with Buffy stuff. Spoilers for Season 8, volume 15 )


Okay, some of the media is covering the move for impeachment:

A pdf of the whole thing
USA Today

Thank you, [ profile] ilyena_sylph!

ETA II: [ profile] w_daily also has a write up.
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Against my better judgement, I'm going back and watching all the S1 Torchwood episodes I skipped because, frankly, I thought it was bad. So, last night I watched "Countrycide" and "Greeks Bearing Gifts" and I still think it's bad, but not that bad. Random thoughts: )

Which, actually, isn't a bad segue into my thoughts on Buffy: Season 8, Issue 12: I don't think it's too spoilerific to say outside the cut that Buffy has the cutest pajamas I've seen in a long, long time. )

Oh, and I'm not moving to Utah.
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* [ profile] dawn_all_along!

* I decided to make the Harry Potter and the Spoiler of Doom Challenge an on-going thing, since it didn't appear in a fandom newsletter until after the deadline. :P

Check it out!

Read crack! Write crack! Believe me, it's all crack. We've got nine ficlets so far.



* I finally got hold of The Office S2. The first part of it, anyway. OMG, I see what you all mean. I am dead from dying so much. DWIGHT HAS A BEET FARM. OF COURSE. *dies some more*

* brief thoughts on the first four episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer S7 )
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According to my physical therapist, I'm "stronger than most women."


I'm not feeling very strong right now, but I think that's the heat. It's supposed to be about 10 degrees hotter tomorrow. Wtf?

Maybe he meant compared with other women who are going to the clinic because of back and/or neck injuries. :P

*is super!Thistle*

Super!Thistle just ordered sushi 'cause she's too weak and pathetic to cook anything herself. Though I suppose this necessitates getting into the car and driving over to Sushi Tango... Fneh.

briefish thoughts on the last few episodes of BtVS season 6 )
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*Happy Solstice! I'm glad summer's here. Much as I hate the heat, spring is my least favorite season. I know; I'm weird.

Anyway, what a nice day! The sun is shining and there's a light breeze...kinda makes you wanna sign up for [ profile] dawn_all_along, doesn't it? ;)

There are some great episodes still available for claiming, including "Becoming," "The Zeppo," and "Hush"...

*One month until the final HP book. I have nothing profound to say about that. I'm not hopping up and down in anticipation, not because I think the book is going to be bad (I enjoyed HBP and parts of OotP). My to-be-read shelf is filled with books that appeal to me more right now, that's all. Gotta admit, I'm anticipating some entertaining wank. Oh, Potterdom.

*Half done with S6 of Buffy. headdesk )
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I didn't realize I'd spilled something on my white shirt before running it through the dryer. Oops.

I've started watching Season Six of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I love the idea of someone dealing with something as massive as death and resurrection (which is one of the reasons I enjoy bringing Sirius Black back) and "Once More With Feeling" is a great episode, but I've seen eight episodes and I'm just not enjoying myself. Read more... )
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Copied from [ profile] musesfool:

If you had me under your command and could make me write anything, regardless of whether or not I know the fandom or if anybody even writes fic in that fandom and no matter how crack-addled it might be, what would you love to see me write?*

* I don't plan on writing anything other than the two challenge stories I have left.

Brief thoughts on the end of S5 of Buffy )

[ profile] r_becca, I don't know what I'm going to write for the Giles thing. Do you?
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I finished reading Inheritance by Natalie Danford. First time I've ever read a book by a person in whose bed I've slept. (Alone, except for her two cats. I was watching her apartment while she and her husband were on vacation. She has a lovely apartment, two adorable cats, and the comfiest mattress I've ever slept on.) It was pretty good. Flawed in places, but I enjoyed it. Most of it is set in Italy, and there's a lot of detail about the food. I've been craving good Italian food for the past two weeks. Argh. The book is about a father and daughter. He fled Italy after the end of Word War II, and now - after his death - she's gone back to explore her roots a bit.

I came up with this idea for a story. Not fan fiction. Something original. I described it to a friend today and she said it sounded cool. I think I'm going to explore this one, see where it goes. It's kind of a fantasy/history/coming of age thing.

Got the new Buffy comic today. Oh my god! )
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My new skirts fit and they're so pretty!!!!

Well, I'm glad the exercise binge is paying off. And I'm glad my internet seems to be working this morning. Maybe I unjinxed myself when I posted about it earlier.

I wrote about 600 words of a new Prydain fic last night. If my connection holds, I'll probably post it later. Still trying to drum up ideas for my Giles/Sarah Jane story, but that's not due until early June. I want it to have an actual plot, though. Something more than just two characters meeting in a bar - or outside a cemetery, in this case.

I have one word for the Season Two finale of "Alias":


And also... )
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Woot! The story is posted and I quite like it. I even like the title. You know, these past few weeks, while I was working on my story, I completely forgot that we were getting stories in return. What a nice surprise!

I got another surprise this evening: [ profile] faire_weather just posted a gorgeous illustration of a scene from my story She Will Have Music. The picture is here, and even if you're not familiar with the story, I recommend taking a look because it's pretty guh-inducing.

Very brief thoughts on episodes 5 and 6 of Buffy Season 5 )
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Posted a fic yesterday. Snape-centric, of all things. Um, involving Smurfs. Yes, really: A Sure Cure for the Blues.


Finished Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone last night. It's been about four years since I last read it in its entirety. It's really not that well written. I've read much, much worse, but it's really full of cliches and trite phrasing. However, Rowling's really wonderfully inventive, and she writes kids so well.

Things that caught my attention this time around:

- At one point, Harry wonders if Snape can read his mind. HEE.
- Dean Thomas isn't mentioned at all until rather late in the book. For a few chapters, the only indication that he exists is the fact that there are five beds in the first year boys' dorm. I know from Rowling's site that he was originally meant to be more important. Huh.
- Hermione hugging Parvati at the Quidditch match was cute. And a little sad, considering their mutual coldness later on.
- Ron is wonderful. I'd forgotten how cool he was early in the series. Going alone to help Hagrid look after Norbert, kicking ass at chess, letting himself be wounded so Harry and Hermione can get to the Stone.
- Hagrid isn't as funny as I used to think he was. I guess I can't get his behavior in OotP and HBP out of my mind. I don't even remember what he did in HBP, just that he annoyed me.
- I wish we'd seen more of Quirrell. He's barely a character.
- I wish we'd seen Snape at the end of the book. He kind of disappears. I wonder what he thought of Harry's recovery of the Stone. I'm sure whatever good feelings he might have had were trampled by Gryffindor's triumph over Slytherin.
- Not really seeing the pro-Gryffindor bias yet. In McGonagall, sure, but that's understandable. The Trio and Neville deserved those points at the end. And as far as we know, Draco received no punishment for swiping Neville's Remembrall. We know that the Weasleys have served detentions.
- Neville is made of win.


Finished the first four episodes of S5 of Buffy. I want to like Riley, but I'm rapidly losing interest. Really not liking Spike anymore, which brings me to Brief thoughts on Season 8 Volume 2 )
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Right. So, while everyone else was watching the new episode of Doctor Who (which I've downloaded for tomorrow) I was finishing S4 of Buffy. Some impressions. )

I like my new fandom, even though it isn't so shiny and new anymore. I feel like I'm late to the party, but there are still cookies available. The sheer amount of canon intimidated me, at first. Now I find it kind of exciting. I wonder about these characters, what they were like before the series, what they're going to do afterward. Mmm, shiny new fandom.


I've been pretty writey these past couple of weeks. Here are the stories I posted in March:

Ten Things I'd Rather Do Than Spend Time With You

Xander makes a list. Cordelia annotates.


Bad things happen to the people who try to look out for Faith.


Sirius + Remus + motorbike = ♥

Small Fears That Come With Dusk

Concerned that his fifteen-year-old son isn't behaving as most boys his age do, Jack Kinney gives him a baseball bat and sends him out to play. Brian goes straight to Michael, who's very aware - and appreciative - of his masculinity.

I have another story, which isn't quite finished, which I'll be posting tomorrow. Then I really need to get cracking on the Remix. I've started it. I've got two weeks.
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Before I drift to sleep upon my cot, Camelot was enjoyable. Not a great production, but then it's not really a great musical. The score is lovely, but the book is weak. Michael York was all right as Arthur. He can't sing, but neither could Richard Burton or Richard Harris. He had presence. He also had only two gestures, which was kind of annoying. Rachel York (no relation) was a charming Guenevere, though. Beautiful voice. She and James Barbour (Lancelot) found the humor in their characters.

The whole time, I had His Name Is Lancelot from Spamalot in my head. *headdesk*


So, it's been ten years since Buffy the Vampire Slayer premiered? I guess I was half-way through my junior year of high school and totally oblivious. It wouldn't have mattered, since my parents were pretty uptight about my tv watching. They never really tried to stop me, but they'd join me and sit around and make stupid comments, which was much worse.

I started watching BtVS in college, in the middle of the sixth season, which was not a good place to start. Still, I liked the idea of one young woman kicking supernatural ass. (And, at the time, I thought James Marsters was pretty.) I didn't really get into the show until last year, when I finally rented Season One.

I love it. Even when it's bad, and it can be very bad at times, I love it. Because the premise is so awesome. It turns a horror convention on its head by giving super powers to the girly girl - who, in most movies, would probably be dead before the first fifteen minutes were up - and letting her kick ass. There's something very stirring about that.

I wish I'd watched the show when it first aired. It wouldn't have made a big difference in my life, but it would have been one more thing to have enjoyed during high school. Until my senior year, there really wasn't much!

(No, I haven't finished my fic. But I'm up to the part with dialogue! Yay Xander! Heh. I've actually never written anything about Buffy herself. And she's my favorite character.)


And apparently it's Remus's birthday too. I didn't write anything. A few years ago, I wrote these two stories about Remus's birthday: Falling For the First Time and Light All Around Them. They're both Sirius/Remus, and pretty smutty. If you can forgive me for getting the date wrong (I didn't know!) and the occasional "the other boy" (I was young!) they're still good stories, particularly the second one.
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This was rather stirring. Kevin Tillman, who also served in Iraq, talks about his brother Pat, and the war. It's short and to the point.

I watched the second episode of Torchwood today. I'm liking the series, but not loving it yet. It's not as much fun as Doctor Who. Jack is lovely. I wish we saw more of him, but I get that the writers want him to be a bit of a mystery. I love his coat. Very sexy. When he's intense, he kind of reminds me of Tom Cruise, but much better looking and without the batshittery. (Well, I don't know what John Barrowman is like in real life.)

I had a dream about Lost last night. The Others tortured Sawyer by giving him a bath. *snerk*

And I watched "Passion" and "I Only Have Eyes For You" (BtVS). Yeah, I watch too much tv. But the episodes gave me some ideas for my fic. And Giles made me cry. (I have a couple of nitpicks. When Willow says that she was able to get Jenny's lessons off her, how? Angelus destroyed the computer. I suppose Willow could mean Jenny saved the lessons to disk, but then wouldn't she have said, "Fortunately, Miss Calendar saved her lessons to disk," or similar? And while the song "I Only Have Eyes For You" predates the murder, the version that James and Grace dance to is anachronistic. Just saying.)

Today is the last day to submit prompts to [ profile] humbuggery! I'll write them all up tomorrow, and then claiming can begin. Remember, there are no commitments here. I just hope people will write! And draw! Because that would be awesome. And the deadline isn't until February. AND the minimum word count is only 500.


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