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Storytime (1459 words) by Thistlerose
Fandom: The White Queen (TV)
Rating: General Audiences
Characters: Anne Neville Queen of England, Richard III of England, Edward of Middleham
Summary: Edward finds his aunt Isabel's old shadow puppets and wants to know what they're for.

I can stop any time I want. *nodnod* And I am working on that sequel to And Still, She Said, I Will Find You, I Will Find You. It's all very meta.

And I'm working on the last two scenes of my Brittany/Santana road trip fic. I still don't remember where that scene was headed, but I'll figure something out. By the time I do, maybe it'll be time to focus on Yuletide! That's the only holiday exchange I think I'll do this year.


I had a fantastic weekend. My cousin drove up from Brooklyn late Friday night and we went out for margaritas. (Which were sadly not that good. The other Mexican place in town is better. Note to self.)

Saturday, we got up early and drove to Bennington, Vermont. My cousin had been there twenty years ago and she still remembered a fantastic breakfast she'd had at a diner. We found the diner and had breakfast, and I can understand why the food had haunted her all these years! We had pumpkin waffles with fried apples on top, and a yummy Greek omelet with just the right amount of seasoning, and home fries. MMMMM. We went to Old First Church, where Robert Frost and his family are buried. We went to the top of the Bennington Battlefield Monument - about 260 feet up, with great views. Bennington's in the southwestern corner of the state, so from that height you can see all the way to New York and Massachusetts. We walked around Bennington and saw the catamount statues on Main Street, which were fun. We went to Hoosick Falls, NY, to see the actual site of the Battle of Bennington (1777). We drove back to New Hampshire and went for an early evening hike in Madam Sherri Forest Park. That was a little strenuous since we'd already done a lot on very little sleep, and we got a little turned around and became worried that we wouldn't find our way out of the woods before dark. But we did. And then we went out for dinner. We had these maple-glazed brussel sprouts that were actually good. And chocolate bread pudding. Yum.

Sunday, it was supposed to be cold and rainy, but we woke up to the sunshine so we hastily put our hiking gear back on and headed up to Goose Pond, which is actually just ten minutes from my apartment. We about a two-mile hike around the lake, which was GORGEOUS. The leaves are a couple of weeks away from their peak, but there's still a lot of color. Afterward, we picked apples. On the way home I hit a squirrel with my car. I felt very bad about that. I tried to brake, but by the time I saw it, I don't think there's any way I could have avoided hitting it without slamming on my brakes. And we were on a major road. (Obviously, for cats, dogs, and people, we slam on the brakes.) Poor little thing.

Anyway. When we got back to my apartment, we made an apple crisp, which came out DELICIOUS. I'm going to bring it in to work tomorrow. The cousin left in the late afternoon and I went in to work because I'm a dork.

So, apart from the squirrel murder, it was a very good weekend.
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New York was amazing. I'm exhausted.

I got to the city on Friday night. On Saturday, I met up with my brother and one of my cousins and her friend at the Museum of the City of New York, where we saw an exhibit on the evolution of Manhattan from farmland to its present grid format. The 18th century topographical maps were very cool. Then we went down to the Angelika to see "A Cat in Paris," which was cute. Then we went out for dinner in Little Italy, since I'd heard of a place that makes gluten-free pizza and pasta (my brother is allergic) that was supposed to be quite good. (It was.) Then I took the subway back uptown to the Met, where I was ABT do "Swan Lake." It was extraordinarily beautiful. I'd seen ABT's "Swan Lake" before, about eleven years ago, and I remembered it being gorgeous, but I'd forgotten how lovely the sets and the costumes and everything else was. *sigh* After the ballet, I went up to the Magnolia Bakery on Columbus Ave for cupcakes. (I love that you can get cupcakes at 11:30PM in New York.)

On Sunday, I took the Long Island Railroad out to Wantagh, where my best friend lives. My brother met us there. We visited with my best friend, her husband, and their two adorable young children. Then my brother drove me to Queens, where we had dinner with me dad.

On Monday, I had a phone interview at 10:30. Then I went up to the Museum of Natural History, which was like going to see an old friend. The exhibit on bio-luminescence was pretty cool; I'd had no idea fireflies could be so devious. Also, there were live flashlight fish, so you could actually see these things lighting up. Then I walked around Central Park for a while, visiting the Lake and Strawberry Fields. Then I got Thai takeout, which was delicious. Then I cleaned my friend's apartment. Then I took the bus home.

I got in at a little before 11PM.

Also, it was close to 100 degrees the entire weekend.

Now I'm at work and I'm tired. But I want to go back to New York. I love it. I don't think I could live there (I couldn't afford it, for one thing) but whenever I come out of a tunnel or up from the subway and get my first glimpse of this amazing city, I get this thrill deep in my heart.



I'm tempted, for the first time, to do [community profile] kink_bingo. I'm still working on my Buffy fic and my last three charity auction fics, but I think it would be nice to have some tiny things to write in between, and plus I have a few new fandoms. I know I won't go bingo because there are too many kinks I just can't write. *ponders*


While I'm pondering, here's a photo from New York. From the Museum of Natural History, in face. Work-safe. )
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  • Posted a ficlet yesterday: Hungry (BtVS | teen | Faith/Buffy | 960 words | Faith has the post-slay munchies. Buffy just wants to sleep.)

  • You know what's awesome? Realizing you don't have to buy new jeans since the ones you bought seven years ago fit again. Woot! Only complication: they've been sitting in Mom's basement for years, so they stink. They're in the wash now, where they'll probably shrink. Fuck. Oh, one more complication: finding the buttons that popped off them the last time I tried them on. (Yeah.) ETA: Holy shit, I found the buttons. That was awfully optimistic of me.

  • Just sent an application for a job I really want. I completely rewrote my cover letter. I think it's good. *wibble*

  • From [ profile] canis_takahari: Out of utter curiosity, if I was chained up in your attic (I prefer attics, basements are damp and cold, attics theoretically at least have windows), and I had to write you one story, what would you request? (demand?) Or alternatively, what's something you always hoped I'd write but know is never going to happen?

  • I currently have 78 words of a new Kirk/Sulu (!) story, and I think I have a strongish idea for Hanukkah With The Kirks story. (Involves Winona telling Bones, "That's what Hanukkah is all about, Charlie Brown." And also Sam's cute young children.)

  • Oh, so I went to Bemidji, MN this weekend. It's about four and a half hours north of the Twin Cities and it is very beautiful. I visited Itasca State Park and walked across the headwaters of the Mississippi River (contrary to what the Indigo Girls sing, it takes more than five steps, but whatever).

    Just a few pictures, since I don't feel like uploading all of them right now. )
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    Mentally, I am in such a weird place right now. I slept for like 6 1/2 hours. Now I'm awake and exhausted, but still kind of bouncing off the walls. I had to isolate myself because I can't stop talking. (Mom says it's because I've been a whirlwind of activity for the past two weeks. And also I drove a frickin truck for 7+ hours yesterday.) I imagine she's right. When she mentioned doing the breakfast dishes, I bounced up and said "Me me me me me!!!"

    This second cup of coffee? Should probably not have been drunk by me.


    I am going to crash hard tonight. Fortunately, I don't have to return the truck until Sunday, and my stepdad and younger stepbrother are coming over tonight to help unload it. *yawn*

    I know I need to just lie down and be calm, maybe with a movie, but. I. can't. I wonder if I could write. I have like 15 plot bunnies in my head. I started writing my very first Mirror 'verse fic the other night. It's kind of bizarre, and I'll probably make a post about it later so I can bounce ideas off people.

    I don't know how to calm down!!!!!1111

    Pictures from the move. )
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    Yesterday, I drove up to Kohler-Andrae State Park, which is on Lake Michigan, about an hour north of Milwaukee. It was very pretty. I walked along a couple of nature trails, which meandered around sand dunes and meadows full of juniper, white pines, Queen Anne's Lace, and Joepie Weed. There were Monarch butterflies, seagulls, and everywhere the hum of insects and the rustle of waves. (It's amazing how very not silent the world is, even when there isn't a single person in sight.)

    After walking for about an hour and a half, I lay on the beach with my book. I got a little burned, but I also got some reading done, and it was so nice getting away from the city for an afternoon.

    On the way home, I stopped in Cedarburg for a few bottles of strawberry wine. (Yes, [ profile] greenabsinthe, you're right about Cedarburg: it does not look like a real place at all. It's a bit too pristine.)

    Anyway, I posted pictures from the park over on Facebook. I altered the privacy settings on the album, so you should be able to see them.
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    Anyway, I had a lovely time in New York last week. I walked my feet to pieces and I spent more money than I should have, but it was so good being back there. It's strange: since I came to realize I liked Minnesota and Milwaukee quite a lot, I thought my love for New York would be diminished, but it really isn't. When I get my Master's, I'm going to look for work there. Maybe not in the city itself because I can't afford it, but within driving distance. If I don't get there shortly after graduation, I'll get there sometime.

    I spent most of the time with best friend, who lives on Long Island. I mean, I stayed at her house most nights. During the day, she had to work on her PhD thesis, so she went to Manhattan with me and turned me loose there. I also spent some time with two of my cousins, who live in Brooklyn. I'd only ever been to Brooklyn twice before, but I found myself liking what I saw. One of my cousins can see the Statue of Liberty from the corner of his block. I also got to meet [ profile] ragdoll and [ profile] midnitemaraud_r, who are lovely in person! That was really cool.

    I has photos )

    Ah, in case you missed it, before I left for NY, I posted a fic: Who Tries, Does. It's another Pern story. Brekke/F'nor. It's an alternate version of a scene in Dragonquest.
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    I fucking love this city. But oh my friends, I've lost my accent! I don't know that I've ever had a strong one, but the accent, she is gone! I don't know what sort of accent I have now. My bff says, "It's like British, but...not."

    What did I do today? I got up at the ass crack of dawn and made it into Manhattan around 7:30. *blanks* Oh, I went to the Art Museum! And it was very nice. As soon as I hit the Greek and Roman rooms, I got that song from "Sesame Street Goes to the Museum" stuck in my head.

    Broken and beautiful
    fractured and rare
    Missing pieces that used to be there!

    No, I haven't seen the thing in twenty years. Come on, you you still remember it. It was awesome.

    Then I went to see "The Fantasticks" at the Jerry Orbach Theater. It was a weird show, but well-played, and oddly engaging. The guy playing The Boy was really cute. Really, really cute.

    Then I wandered around Fifth Avenue in the rain, and I flipped off a bicyclist who went through a red light, cutting me off, and...that was kind of it. But I'm ready to collapse.
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    On Saturday, I went up to Two Harbors, which is on the northern shore of Lake Superior, and spent the night at a bed and breakfast that is also a working lighthouse. Despite the lack of colorful leaves, it was still very beautiful.

    My pictures, let me show you them. )
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    I don't know that I can describe everything I saw and did while in Massachusetts and Connecticut, so I'm not going to try. I'll say this: I felt like I'd come home the very moment our car merged onto the Mass Pike. Not that I love driving around Boston, but everything about it felt familiar and right.

    Smith was amazing. The reunion was even more fun than I'd anticipated. The campus was gorgeous (except for the construction around Haven House! Wah!) The weather was...tolerable. It was pretty warm, but sunny. And it became cooler toward the end. Northampton hasn't changed much in five years.

    *sigh* I wrote everything in my paper journal and I feel as if the words went out of me. Or maybe it's just that I'm tired. I didn't get much sleep.

    It was like...returning to an older, better world. And despite the lack of sleep, I'm feeling galvanized.

    I'm going to grad school. I think I know how I'm going to finance it too. I'm going to grad school in New England, and then I'm going to get a job I enjoy in a place I love.

    I can totally do it. I'm a Smith woman and Smith women are fabulous.


    There were alums from the class of 1932. 1932! These women were 97 years old, but there they were, leading the parade.

    I mean, it's not perfect. I think - excuse me, I feel - that Smithies tend to become overly analytical and self-righteous. But we mean well. Senior year was really not the best. I've spent five years thinking it was just me, but it wasn't.

    Anyway, I'm sure you don't want a list of all my activities, so here are some of the pictures I took. They're mostly scenery. And there are lots of them. )
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    This afternoon I went to the Science Museum of Minnesota to see a friend's daughter perform Indonesian dances. (I think that when many people think of Minnesotans, they think of beautiful, tall, blond people of Scandinavian and German descent. And yes, there's a lot of that, but the Twin Cities are also quite diverse ethnically, and they really seem to embrace that diversity. It's awesome.)

    Anyway, after the show I walked around the museum for a little while. I'd been there about five years ago, but I'd forgotten that it boasts the most complete Tricerotops skeleton in the world. The Tricerotops's name is Fafner. Richard Wagner's granddaughter named it. I'm not sure why.

    Dinosaurs are so cool. They're like, some of the coolest things EVAR.

    But I had this thought as I was looking at a case of prehistoric feces that had fossilized. It would be funny if you were a Stegosaurus or something, and you crapped somewhere, and then you were reincarnated as a person who went to a museum and saw a case of prehistoric feces, and you had to turn to your friend and say, "Shit, I think that's my shit." That would be funny, wouldn't it?

    ETA: Or! If you take a dump in the woods somewhere, then invent a time machine, travel to the future, and the people of the future take you to a museum where your fossilized leavings are preserved under glass... In those sort of situations, you really just have to sit back and laugh. I'm just saying.

    I apologize for the scatalogical nature of this post. I'm in a weird-but-good mood. Wish I had some wine. And cake. Mmm, cake.
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    I had fun today! Mom and I drove to Dassel, MN, which is about an hour and a half west of Minneapolis. We went there because - I'd discovered from googling myself - there was a tea shop called Thistlerose that also sold British imports. Whee! And they're closing on the 28th (just the tea shop, they'll continue to sell imports). Boo! The woman who runs it is from England - Lancashire, I think she said - and quite lovely. We had tea and a sausage roll, and sandwiches with Branston pickle. And we had scones with clotted cream and lemon curd. MMMM. Then we stocked up on McVities and Cadburys and I got a bottle of Irn-Bru, which I haven't been brave enough to open yet. I had it once, my first week in Scotland, and all I remember is that it was ghastly, but the Scottish couple with whom I was staying were very excited about it.



    Then we drove another ten minutes or so west to Darwin, which is famous because it has the largest ball of twine made by one person. The twine ball was made by Francis Johnson. He started in 1950 and finished in 1979. The twine ball weighs 8.7 tons, is 11 feet high, and measures about 40 feet around (according to the brochure). There's a museum by the twine ball, which houses random things from Darwin's history. Old school desks, a grain seperator thing, old uniforms, that sort of thing.

    It was cool!

    I mean, hello. A BALL OF TWINE THAT WEIGHS 8.7 TONS. How can you not go out of your way to see that??

    And I have pictures! )
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    I went leaf peeping today! Except, there weren't very many leaves to peep at. But Carley State Park, in southeastern Minnesota, was quite pretty. It's about two hours away from where I live and the drive would have been pleasant, except that I'd got my directions from Mapquest, so I was a little nervous, and all the towns were pretty spread out, so if I got lost, help was a long way away.

    But I didn't get lost.

    Well, I took one wrong turn.

    And I took pictures.

    Read more... )
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    Today I went to the Minnesota History Center, which was interesting. I wish I'd had more time to spend there. I saw the exhibit on weather, which was a bit frightening. They talk a lot about snow. And they have this thing where you can sort of see what it's like to be in a basement during a tornado. You go into this model basement and you sit and watch this window (which is actually a screen) and the sky gets darker and darker, and then it turns jade green, and there's simulated rain, thunder, and lightning, and things crashing overhead.

    Yeah. I'm moving out of Minnesota. O_o

    They also had an exhibit on music. I got to see Prince's Purple Rain outfit, and Bob Dylan's high school yearbook. It's really amazing and wonderful how culturally diverse Minnesota is.

    There were things from the days of the pioneers, like a piano that someone had brought from New York when she moved to Minnesota in the mid-1800s. There were phonotgraphs that played records from the turn of the century.

    It was a cool place. I was there for three hours and there's a lot I didn't get to see.

    When I got to work I learned that a private plane, piloted by Yankee pitcher Cory Lidle, had crashed into a Manhattan apartment, killing the pilot and at least one other person. Jesus.
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    One of the pens that I bought in Japan - almost four years ago - JUST ran out of ink. And I used it a lot. That's a good pen. *mourns*

    Okay, I'm going east now.

    Really, this trip is more about seeing Chicago and my friends than the grad school. At the moment, when I think about studying creative writing, my feeling is, "Gah. Writer's block!" When I think about studying (and then teaching) history, my feeling is more, "Oooh, shiny!"

    pic spam

    Sep. 13th, 2005 12:27 pm
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    I forgot to post my pictures from the State Fair. They're not very exciting, but...

    worksafe (I should think!) but not dial up friendly )
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    Not very many really, and mostly of the cats )


    *whimper* I've been back for about 36 hours, and already I've spent about $100. Land's End is having a clearance sale, though, so I bought a really cute new winter jacket (it's lilac!) and naturally I needed new gloves to go with it (and I'll need a new scarf at some point because not one of my 10 or so scarves matches), and a pair of jeans and two sweaters, and today I ordered Return of the King, The Little Mermaid, and Aladdin on DVD because... They were cheap enough and I need them. Think I might order a pizza tonight, because I don't feel like cooking. I'm so bad. *hides*
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    I was going through my picture files and found some photographs I'd taken a little over a year ago. The first batch is the Cloisters Museum and Fort Tryon Park in northern Manhattan. The second batch is from the trip my mom and I took to the north shore of Lake Superior. Not dial-up friendly. Sorry.

    The Cloisters )

    North Shore )
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    Wow. I was going through my Flist earlier and I noticed that you guys are from, like, everywhere. I love to travel, I love talking about travelling, so talk to me. *g* Where are you from, where are you now, where have you been, and what did you think of it?

    ETA: [ profile] 3goodtimes reminded me I forgot to write about myself.


    I was born in NYC (in Queens) and I grew up there. I don't know much about Queens because I hung out and worked (and lived for two summers) in Manhattan. Never been to Staten Island, never been to the Statue of Liberty (though I've ridden the Ferry twice just for fun and because it's free). Never been to the World Trade Center. Been to the Empire State Building once. I love Central Park and the Village and the area around Union Square, but I think my favorite place in the city is the Cloisters Museum and nearby Fort Tryon Park. It's so remote it's like being on a cloud from which you can look down upon the city and the river. And the Cloisters themselves are magical. IMO. *g* I love ruins. And the Unicorn Tapestries are there. And the carvings that might be Eleanor of Aquitaine and Henry II. And the lion fountain. And Peter Beagle used to wander around there when he was a kid. *g*

    I went to school in Northampton, MA, which is about two hours west of Boston. It's an adorable, extremely liberal little town. Very gay-friendly, very artist-friendly. There's very little outside Northampton. Farms. Strip malls.

    I lived in Edinburgh, Scotland for a year. I'd never been overseas before, and I absolutely loved the experience. Scotland is ravishingly beautiful, particularly the Western Highlands, Edinburgh is a fabulous city (so is Glasgow, but I'm biased) and HELLO KILTS. In Scotland I've been to Edinburgh, Glasgow, St. Andrews, Orkney (Stromness), Loch Ness, Loch Lomond, the Western Highlands, the Isle of Skye (just for a night, though), Culloden, Cawdor, Tantallon, Linlithgow, Inverness, Inverewe, Braemer, Pitlochry (sp?), and Stirling. I want to live there some day. As soon as I can afford it and as soon as I figure out how I'm going to get my cats over there with me.

    With Scotland as a base, I travelled around England, Wales, Ireland (didn't get to Northern Ireland), France (well, only Paris -- gorgeous city, best food!), Italy (Tuscany is stunning, and Florence and Venice are breathtaking), Greece (mystical!), Spain (orange trees! churros! Arabic tea shops in Cordoba!), and Gibraltir (monkeys!)

    Last year I lived in Kusatsu, Japan, working as an assistant English teacher. I've been around Japan, and to Thailand (gorgeous beaches, lovely people, amazing food), and Australia (so amazingly cool -- I could live there, too, quite happily).

    I came back to the States last August, lived in New York for a month (I think I spent every other day in Manhattan *sigh*), then moved out to Minnesota to live with my mother. Saw Canada, finally (Ontario) and the north shore of Lake Superior, which is beautiful. Then just last month I packed up my car and drove out to Seattle.

    And here I am.

    I'm desperate to get back to Scotland. I'd love to see more of Australia and Europe. I'd really, really like to see Hawaii, Mexico, and Central/South America.
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    I got in here late last night, after a boring drive through Washington, which turned absolutely gorgeous (and a little scary since it was raining heavily and very misty) ride through the Cascades. I'm in my room right now. On the floor because my one chair is covered with stuff. So is most of the floor, actually. *g* I need to go out and buy hangers soon. But my books are shelved, so I have my priorities straight.

    Will is asleep beside me. He was a good boy until the last hour of the trip, at which time he began to squeak (he doesn't meow, he squeaks) and tried to push his way out of his carrier. He wasn't met Bruno the pony small elephant mastiff, yet. I have. He's the biggest dog I've ever seen, and very ugly. But he's gentle. He hasn't even barked at me, yet. O_o

    I'm so tired. It just hit me late last night that I'd driven about 2,000 miles, and suddenly everything began to ache. I still ache. I don't want to go find hangers. But if I don't get these clothes up off the floor there won't be room for the futon.

    Oh, my roomie seems very nice. Busy, but nice. ^__^

    Btw, is it illegal to be doing what I'm doing? I did a search for a wireless connection in the area, found one, and am using it. Without permission, of course. Is it wrong? Evil?
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    Hello from South Dakota! I'm about an hour south of Sioux Falls, in the state of Mount Rushmore, the Black Hills, and the Badlands. I'm spending the night at the house of a friend of my mother, and he has a nice DSL connection. Yay!

    Had no trouble getting here. Only took one wrong turn, and corrected myself quickly. ^__^

    Tomorrow I'm driving across South Dakota. The next day I'm driving through Yellowstone, and I think I'll see the Crazy Horse monument, and I forget what else.

    This is cool! I'm finally going to have visited as many states as I have countries! (Er, that's only if you consider England, Wales, and Scotland as separate. And I do.)

    I have no sense of geography (thank goodness I'm just driving in a straight line most of the time!) but my mother's friend thinks I should be in Pullman, WA by the evening of the 3rd. Coolness. Ash, if it works out that way, could I crash at your place for one night? Or would Will and Lily fight? ^__^

    Poor Will. He was an angel the entire trip, but he's not a happy kitty.



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