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A friend flew up for the weekend, which was very nice. (Though it's made me realize I need to suck it up and get either a second bed or a decent futon. I can't keep making people sleep on my sofa, comfy as it is. I mean, I always offer to sleep on the sofa while they take the bed, but so far, only my mother has claimed the bed. Anyway.) We did some wine tasting and some hiking. We saw "Maleficent."

Brief review, with spoilers. )
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I saw the Veronica Mars movie! Spoilers )
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Watched Julie Taymor's "The Tempest" last night. Meh. Helen Mirren, Ben Wishaw, and Djimon Hounsou were good but the rest was rather lackluster. I usually like David Strathairn, Tom Conti, Alfred Molina, and Alan Cumming, but they didn't have a whole lot to do in their roles, and Reeve Carney was beyond terrible. I mean, the NY Times review said he was a weak Ferdinand, but that did not prepare me for how truly awful his performance was. At least Ferdinand doesn't have any great speeches for him to butcher.

Also, they turned Prospero's Epilogue into a song, which they played over the credits. That's ... cheating. I object. It's an important speech, though possibly difficult to do effectively, since the action is pretty much over at that point.


Also, I like my co-workers a lot, but I wish they'd asked if anyone objects to pork before ordering two pizzas with it. I'm not allergic and I don't avoid it for religious reasons, but I don't eat it. Those were mighty nice garlic knots, though.
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Hi, I'm in New York! I got up at 5:20 and left at around 6:45, so I'm very tired, but I made it here in record time and the car didn't break down. It was hard leaving Maryland. It's strange to think I'm not going back - at least not for a while. I mean, I'm sure I'll visit since I have some good friends there now.

I saw "The Hobbit" last night. Er ... I was disappointed. Random spoilery thoughts. )
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I went to see "Brave" this morning. I'd vowed to see this film regardless of what sort of reviews it received, just because it has a female protagonist. (A first for Pixar.) I loved it. )

So, there was that. Next weekend, I'll be in New York, which I'm very excited about. Going to see the American Ballet Theater perform "Swan Lake" and then go out to Long Island to see my BFF and her kids. I'll possibly see my brother and cousin as well. Wish I had time (and the cash) to see the new "Porgy & Bess"; I borrowed the soundtrack from the library and I like it a lot. I've loved Audra McDonald since she was in "Carousel" back in 1994.

Yesterday, before work, I stopped at the farmer's market and bought a small tub of vanilla cinnamon honey ice cream, which was made at one of the local farms. Vanilla cinnamon honey ice cream. Just wanted to put that out there.

Oh, also: before "Brave," there was a preview for "The Hobbit." Eeeee!!!! Please tell me I'm not the only one who thought Thorin looked kind of sexy? (In costume, I mean.)

Finally, via This dreamcasting of a TNG reboot amused me. In a good way. I like her choices. Not that anyone could ever take the place of Sir Patrick. But this guy ... yeah, I'd pay to see him.
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Finally got to see "The Hunger Games" this morning. \o/ Not up to writing a detailed review right now. There were some things that really worked for me and some things that could have been done better. Overall, I liked it a lot. Jennifer Lawrence was a great Katniss. Still on the fence about Josh Hutcherson. Also, since other people have been mentioning it, spoilers )

I do want to say, though, that after sitting through a seemingly endless stream of previews for films about men (seriously, not one single film about a woman or girl), it was very nice watching an adventure story about a young woman who was not overly sexualized, or objectified, or a princess, or wholly focused on a man, or in need of rescuing. SO nice. I'm so glad this movie is doing well at the box office. Will this mean more adventure stories about girls? Doubtful.

I want to read the books again because I read them so quickly last year and there's stuff I just do not remember. (Which is bad when you're writing fan fiction. So glad there's a HG wiki.)
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So, the databases are back, but wireless printing is kaput. I love it when CTS does updates without informing anyone. Academia. \o/

Anyway, after work yesterday, I took myself on a date to see "The Artist." I really liked it. It didn't quite live up to the hype, but it was still incredibly well acted, clever, and quite moving. My one real quibble... )

OMG, I want a dog now.

Like, I seriously want a dog.
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Saw Anonymous with a friend. I'd had no interest in it, but my friend wanted to see it and I wanted to hang out with her, so. She was good company, as usual. I thought the movie was a steaming pile of horse shit. )

Then again, I'm a bardslut.

On a positive note, since this is a film set in Elizabethan England, the costumes and sets were gorgeous. Also, apparently David Thewlis was in it, but I did not recognize him at all.
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I went to see "X-Men: First Class" with [ profile] hhbarmaid this afternoon. I enjoyed the film, but I didn't love it like some of you guys did. I thought the strongest moments were when minor spoiler ) I thought it was weakest when minor spoiler )

But anyway, I quite enjoyed looking at Michael Fassbender (UNF) and yes, Erik and Charles were so very married. *sigh* But you know what I want? Apart from more stories about Raven, I mean? I'm so very weird. Spoiler )
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Just got back from seeing "Tangled."

I loved it.

Spoilers )
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Quiet morning at the library, as Milwaukee digs itself out of the snow. I'm driving to Minnesota tomorrow morning instead of tonight. The roads look kind of scary between here and Madison, and it'll be dark. :( Oh, well. That just means I'll be out of town until Tuesday afternoon.

Ugh, I have to dig out my car when I get home from work.

One of the movies I got from our soon-to-be-defunct Blockbuster was the 2009 animated Wonder Woman movie. I was entertained. )
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A couple of quick thoughts on shipping and the new Star Trek flick )

To sum up: Needs more Bones!
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[ profile] archon_mentha and I saw the new Star Trek movie tonight, and I am filled with geekish glee!

I got my fandom wish! )
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Can't decide if the soundtrack to "Slumdog Millionaire" is really good, or if it's just so overpowering that I'm...overpowered by it.

I saw the movie about two weeks ago, btw, and liked it quite a lot. I didn't think I would; for some reason, I thought it would be really saccharine, and it really, really wasn't. Spoilers? )
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Oh, I watched the Sex and the City movie over winter break. I hadn't wanted to, but... Now, I loved the series and I make no apologies for that. But I thought the movie was pretty awful, and here's why: spoilers )

So, anyway. I'm going to pretend the movie never existed, and if there's a sequel, I won't watch it. I'll cling to my series DVDs, though.
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The cat sitter with whom I talked yesterday seemed fabulous. She had plenty of good references, knows kitty CPR, and is willing to do things like turn my lights on and off, collect the mail, change the litter, and give medication (if my cats required any, which they don't). Unfortunately, she's very expensive. As in "There goes my ticket to NY" expensive. *sigh* I still have to track down my landlord and see if he'll do it. Not the litter part, but the checking in every now and then to make sure they're still alive part. I don't know what I'm so afraid of. They're cats. They can be left alone for a couple of days. But Will's fourteen and every year he seems smaller and less steady on his little feet. I do wonder if Sophie would be so mischievous if no one were around to watch her. O_o

Anyway, The Secret of NIMH, which I watched last night, for the first time in...oh, I don't remember. I must have been pre-adolescent the last time I saw it, since I don't remember Justin being so damn cute. For an anthropomorphized rat, I mean. )
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Chester Arthur, Gerald Ford, Millard Fillmore, and Martin Van Buren get finger puppets at the Unemployed Philosopher's Guild before that one? No, not That One. That one. *points to icon* I mean, he wasn't a particularly good president, but he was a great American. How can you have Jefferson, Franklin, and Washington - but not Adams? Obviously, I am bitter.

I watched Ratatouille yesterday. Brief thoughts. )
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I'm using my Gwyneth icon because I don't understand the hate (I don't really read tabloids, so if she's done something silly - apart from naming her daughter Apple - I don't know about it) and she was fairly awesome in the movie I saw yesterday with [ profile] hhbarmaid:

Iron Man! )
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I saw "Wall-E" this afternoon. It looked fantastic. I think the last Pixar film I saw was the second "Toy Story" and this was just - wow. The whole movie was really adorable. Totally anvilicious in places but spoilers... )

Hmm, I tried figuring out my financial aid and class schedule earlier, and nearly broke my brain. The school is pointing me to two different websites with conflicting information, and no one is around it answer my questions. Argh!

Maybe I'll go strawberry picking tomorrow. And/or work on my [ profile] femslash08 fic.


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