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The snow is pretty now that the roads and the sky are both clear. You should have seen my dog last night, chugging through the snow in the backyard. It came up to her chin! She looked like she was swimming.

My [ profile] tenyearsofbuffy fic might be a little late, though I'm going to try to get it done tonight. I'm rewriting it, which means Dean isn't going to be in it. But I like the stuff I've written already, so perhaps I'll save it for another fic.

So, what was I doing yesterday? Mostly groaning about how much I ached after shoveling, reading Obama's book, and watching tv. I watched "Crossroad Blues" (SPN 2.9?) Oh, Dean. Your manpain makes me ache. So, they're just leaving the artist to his fate? I know that's what he said he wanted, but dude.

I watched The Departed last night. Good film. Very violent, but somehow, not as shockingly so as Pan's Labyrinth. Vera Farmiga had a pretty thankless role. spoiler ) But I liked everyone else. Marky Mark was pretty bad-ass.


Doesn't this apartment sound lovely? I want it. I wish I could afford it.
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First of all, lesbian koalas FTW.

Secondly, I'm about two-thirds done with A Game of Thrones. Look out, Ned! )

Watched Heath Ledger's Casanova last night. It was bad. I don't recommend it. Not even the combined powers of Heath, Oliver Pratt, Jeremy Irons, Lena Olin, and a very cute pig could save it.
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Saw Pan's Labyrinth this afternoon. Not cutting because I'm not posting a recap. I thoroughly enjoyed the film. It was bloody and creepifying and ultimately rewarding, though decidedly not in a "and then everyone lived happily ever after way!" *shiver*

Just as a good fairy tale should be.

Mr. Tumnus, you are pwned.
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Watched The Devil Wears Prada tonight. Brief thoughts )

I think this may be the cutest puppy in the world. Except for this one, maybe.

Got my Remix assignment. I know which fandom I'm writing in. Cool!

Started my [ profile] tenyearsofbuffy fic, finally. Um, Dean's in it. Briefly. He wasn't supposed to be at all, but I'm setting up future smut stories, I guess.
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I had such a pleasant dream last night! I was filming a pirate movie, and Joseph Fiennes was my assistant as well as an actor in the film. I don't remember where we were going, but we got onto this ferry, and Bill Clinton was there! He was warming up an audience for Al Gore, who was about to give a speech about something or other - probably the environment. Joe asked me if I'd met anyone attractive lately, and I said "Yes," meaning him, but he didn't get it. Then I woke up. Grr.

I finished reading David McCullough's biography of John Adams, which I thoroughly recommend, if you're interested in American history. The richness of detail is incredible, but never seemed ponderous, as if McCullough were trying to squeeze things in, just so we'd be impressed with his thoroughness. While Adams did some very good things as president (like appointing John Marshall to the Supreme Court, building up the navy, and keeping the US out of war with France and Britain for as long as possible) I think he'd have been happier and more successful as a judge or similar. Still, the only really bad thing he seems to have done was the Alien & Sedition Act, which ended up biting him in the ass. In any case, he was very intelligent, fiercely dedicated to Indepedence, education, and the arts, particularly the literary arts. According to the book, the Massachussetts constitution - written by Adams - was and still is the only constitution that charges the legislature specifically with the promotion of education in the arts. Pretty cool. He was a deeply religious man who believed firmly in freedom of religion - though not atheism so much. Still, that didn't hurt his friendship with Jefferson. (Other things hurt it, but they reconciled well before the end of their lives. One of the last things Adams wrote to Jefferson was, "While I breathe, I am your friend." Aw.) Adams's last legislative act (long after his presidency had ended) was an attempt to amend to MA constitution to include religious freedom for Jews. He was upset when the government rejected the amendment.

His love for Abigail, and hers for him, was very moving. It's one of the most successful marriages I've ever read about, in reality or in fiction. I knew they'd corresponded regularly for years (many of which were spent apart, as he was sent all over Europe and she remained in MA). But I'd had no idea their feelings had been so intense, and remained so all their lives.

I have two favorite parts. The first was shortly after the Treaty of Paris, when Adams and Jefferson were in England. They took this trip around places of historical and literary significance and they were such FANBOYS OMG. Adams says that Jefferson knelt and kissed Shakespeare's chair. Aw. The second part was Adams's first night in the White House, which wasn't the White House then. It wasn't finished. The only staircase was in the back. The furniture had just been brought in. There was hardly anything on the walls. DC was a swamp. But it was the president's very first night in the White House. I headdesked when he prayed that only honorable, well intentioned men reside there henceforth. Oh, Adams. He'd have loathed the current administration.

When I studied British history in college, I lamented the fact that my own only extended back a few hundred years whereas Britain's went back a couple of thousand. Now...I don't know. I think it's fabulous that we have such detailed records of the very beginning.

I think I'm going to reread A Separate Peace now. John Adams made me miss New England.
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[ profile] nextian, Becket probably shouldn't have been so giggle-inducing, but I couldn't stop thinking about your poem: I have to give you back your ring / I do not love you, Henry King.


It was good. Historically inaccurate, but I can overlook that. Towering performances from Burton and O'Toole. Damn. The only thing I had a real problem with was the portrayal of Eleanor and Matilda/Maude. Maybe Eleanor wasn't anything like Katherine Hepburn's portrayal in The Lion in Winter, but come on. She was Eleanor of fucking Aquitaine. And Matilda/Maude? "I never saw you except on your way to some ball!" Bitch, please. More like some battle. You can't just tear down the canon ship to make your OTP work. You shouldn't, anyway. It's kind of a cheap ploy.

But, anyway. I guess at that point, Henry wasn't overly fond of Eleanor anymore. But I hate seeing her and the Empress weak and petty like that.

O'Toole and Burton.


Very slashy movie too.

I have to say, Henry had my sympathy, despite the crap way he treated just about everyone. Partly because he does have an adorable sadface, partly because religion has no appeal to me. I was more touched by the joy Becket found in giving away his possessions than in all the ceremony that followed.

Saw Dreamgirls Sunday night. I enjoyed it. The music and script were kind of mediocre, but the sets, costumes, and quality performances made it work. Jennifer Hudson is Heh. I think Eddie Murphy would have impressed me more if I hadn't just seen a preview for Norbit. EW. But I was still impressed.
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Nautilus's production of Carousel at the Southern Theater was really wonderful. If you live in the vicinity of the Twin Cities, like musical theater, and can afford to go, go. Minimal sets, minimal orchestration, but fantastic performances. Our Julie was terrific, as was our Billy, whom I'm going to see again in 1776 this July (as John Adams, just going by his voice and looks). Whee!

Afterward, there was a Q&A with the directors and some of the actors, and I was surprised and pleased to learn that they'd wanted to drop that terrible, terrible line about how sometimes it's possible to be hit but not hurt. The R&H estate wouldn't let them, but they were allowed to have Billy shout an anguished "NO!" after Julie gives the line.

On line at the ladies' room, we stood behind the mother of the man playing Mr. Snow, and she was all glowy. It was sweet.

The woman sitting beside me was eating cookies loudly throughout the performance, and she had this awful, sharp laugh. And she talked. I wanted to elbow her.

Lovely production. I was in tears almost the whole time. It's funny how cheesy "You'll Never Walk Alone" is out of context. In context... *SOB*
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The other day, I was talking about how out of whack my gaydar is. (If you don't want to be spoiled for Thursday's episode of Grey's Anatomy, you might not want to scroll past the first paragraph.) The reason is, a few days before, I'd been watching Casablanca. I then went and read a view of the film, and the reviewer made an off-hand remark about Louis' "subtle homosexuality." Bzuh?

I've seen this film many, many times, and I've always read Louis as straight. All those women! But...he does seem rather intrigued by Rick, and they do go off together at the end. (Not that Rick is likely to go from Ilsa to Louis anytime ever.)

So...have I been missing something all these years? Am I blind? Is Ebert making shit up? What do you think?

Please only answer if you've seen Casablanca and remember it well enough to judge. I'm not asking what you want; I'm asking what you see. I'm just curious. Whatever his preference, he's still my favorite character from my favorite movie.

[Poll #915108]
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I was feeling masochistic tonight, so I rented Sophie Scholl: Die letzten Tage (The Final Days). As you can probably guess from the title, it's a German film (2005) about Sophie Scholl, one of the most famous members of the anti-Nazi resistance movement, the White Rose. Not sure why I'm cutting, since it's history and if you can't guess how it all ends from the title... )
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Argh. I'm trying to watch Grey's Anatomy, and the ABC website keeps dying on me. fadfkajhdfka I want to know what happens.

She Will Have Music was selected as a Featured Story of the Year over at the Quidditch Pitch. I'm amused because that story will be three years old in February, but whatevs. It's one of my favorites, and that's awesome that people still like it. Thanks, guys. :)

I got my fingers all cut up from stuffing envelopes really quickly today at work. Ow.

I watched "Transamerica" tonight. It was nice. )
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Thanksgiving was good. The gluten-free stuffing was actually pretty nice. There were only eight of us this year, which was good in that no one had to eat in a separate room due to lack fo space, but not good in that I like the people who couldn't make it.

After dinner, we watched Game 6. I'd been curious, since one of my college friends was assistant to the producer or something, and it was cool seeing her name in the credits at the end. I didn't like the movie. )

Anyway, I'm at the office.

I got a little further with my Remus/Jenny fic last night. There needs to be more dialogue. I'm good at dialogue, but they're not talking.
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Watched "Mrs Henderson Presents." I liked it! It was charming. Judi Dench is a goddess. She was spoiled and meddling and curmugeonly and noble without ever going over the top. I mostly know Bob Hoskins from "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" so it was kind of jarring, at first, hearing him speaking in his regular accent. Natalia Tena is really cute! I can see her as Tonks now. The thing that weakened the movie for me was... )
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I watched "Match Point" tonight. Pretty unsatisfying. The performances left me cold. I can enjoy watching a bad person if he's got charisma, but Jonathan Rhys-Meyers had none here. (Um. I'm probably going to be whipped for saying this, but he's never done anything for me. While I'm at it, I don't get the flap over Scarlett Johansson. Sure, she's sexy. Given the choice, though, I'd take Emily Mortimer.)

Anyway, not recommended.

I hardly got anything done this weekend. I read a little, exercised a little. I wrote about 300 words of my Remus/Jenny Calendar fic.
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I watched "The Little Mermaid" tonight. I used to be so obsessed with that movie. I wanted to be Ariel, but I didn't want to become human and I didn't want Eric. I wanted to be a mermaid. I got a twinge tonight, watching this sixteen-year-old completely change her lifestyle for a man she barely knows. But then I thought, it's not really about Eric (who's rather lame as animated heroes go). Ariel's always been human, but she's been trapped in a mermaid's body. So her species realignment is all right, really. I imagine she'll get bored with Eric pretty quickly, though.

"Kiss the Girl" may be the best Disney song ever. Ursula is probably the coolest villain.

Hans Christian Anderson's version is far and away the more touching. It's almost unbearably sad. I like that.

Here's a true story about "The Little Mermaid." This was the second time my parents had taken me and my brothers to see it in the theater. While we were waiting on line for our tickets, I turned to my mother and asked what she was planning on making for supper. She answered truthfully and without thinking, "Flounder."


"Beauty and the Beast" is the best Disney movie.
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I watched Watership Down (1978) tonight. It was...rather abreviated. And more than a little trippy. But sweet. Zero Mostel provided Kehaar's voice; that was his last film. Bigwig is the best, bravest bunny ever.

This really isn't funny at all, but...

U.S. Web Archive Is Said to Reveal a Nuclear Guide

Published: November 3, 2006

Last March, the federal government set up a Web site to make public a vast archive of Iraqi documents captured during the war. The Bush administration did so under pressure from Congressional Republicans who said they hoped to “leverage the Internet” to find new evidence of the prewar dangers posed by Saddam Hussein.

But in recent weeks, the site has posted some documents that weapons experts say are a danger themselves: detailed accounts of Iraq’s secret nuclear research before the 1991 Persian Gulf war. The documents, the experts say, constitute a basic guide to building an atom bomb.

How nice. Maybe now they'll shut up about the NY Times and other newspapers publishing not-so-secret secrets.

On a lighter note, Golden Retriever puppies. Puppies! *ded from teh cute* <-- [ profile] casirafics, take a look at the puppies' names.

I still don't have a title for the story I wrote this afternoon. It's about Percy and Ginny, set after HBP, more an exercise in dialogue than anything else. I'll post it tomorrow, I guess.

Heh. I'm toying with ideas for a semi-epic, Faith-centric story. I don't want to write it. I want to have written it.
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Today I did everything I'd set out to do, except for finishing my Harry/Ginny ficlet. Instead, I became enmeshed in the Buffy thoughts of Will Shetterly. It's mostly about what went wrong in S6 and S7. It's long, but I found it interesting. Well, I found myself nodding in agreement quite a lot (except the part about Anya being better than Cordy - I like Anya a lot, but Cordy was sublime). (Will Shetterly is the author of a few books, including Nevernever and Elsewhere. He's married to Emma Bull. He was once a Minnesota gubernatorial candidate. I've never encountered the Buffy thoughts of a gubernatorial candidate before.)

I especially liked his thoughts on Riley.

I haven't read Shetterly's books since I was about fourteen. They're fun, if not brilliant. He writes some very likeable characters.
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Heh. I finished my story for [ profile] quinquatrus, but I can't post it until I think of a title. I don't really care, but people keep saying how important titles are, and I suppose they're right, so ARGH.

I watched more of QaF UK tonight. Oh, Vince. Spoilerific. )
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The rain let up just as I was leaving, and there was even a rainbow. I like rainbows. I think my dashboard thinks there's something wrong with my tail lights, but when I parked, hopped out of the car, and had a look, they were on. Um, okay.

[ profile] krislaughs, I remembered to watch Supernatural! Er, I remembered about halfway through the episode, but I caught the end. I need to see the rest. Um, I need more Dean. (And he needs Faith. Oh, yes. I've only seen an episode and a half, and I am so on board with this crossover.)

The brothers and I watched "Sin City" tonight. I can't really say that I liked it, but for some reason I couldn't look away. It was mesmerizing. Elijah Wood is really, really scary. It was weird seeing Alexis Bledel like that. She's so...wholesome, usually. Whenever she mentioned her mother I couldn't help thinking of Lorelai and wondering what she'd do if she knew what her daughter was up to.
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So, yes. The concert last night was really cool. Bob Schneider opened. He was all right. I liked some of the things he played quite a lot, others not so much. Then we waited for what felt like an hour, probably because I didn't have anything to do but sit. Then the Chicks came out, and they were fabulous.

I'm told previous concerts have been flashier, but I haven't seen them so I can't make a comparison. According to the write up in today's Star Tribune, they played for two hours, but it felt much shorter. *sigh* I don't have the play list. All I remember is that they started with "Lubbock or Leave It" from their newest album, and finished with "Wide Open Spaces," which was pretty amazing. They did most of my favorites.

There wasn't much commtary, political or otherwise. Natalie Maines cracked a pretty lame joke about Bush, but I still love her for not hiding her opinion. For the most part, though, they shut up and sang, which I found a little ironic.

But, whatever.

I love the Dixie Chicks. :)

I couldn't believe how expensive their concert t-shirts were, though! $35 for a t-shirt! $50 for a sweatshirt! $70 for a hoodie! WTF? Is that normal?

I didn't get one, though I wanted one. I got a magnet for the fridge in the apartment that I'll have someday. And a dogtag, because I needed more than a magnet.

I'll get the t-shirt off ebay someday.


Jon and I are almost done rewatching Firefly. It's fun geeking out with my kid brother. I'm thinking of broaching the subject of fan fiction soonish, but I don't know. I don't think he'd be into anything I've written - I'm not really wild about any of the Firefly fics I've written, though they're not bad or anything - and then he might discover the other things I've written and, no.


I found another brand of catfood that doesn't make Will sick. Seriously, this is a major discovery. He's gotten pretty skinny, and he's not very enthusiastic about dry food.


There's kind of a cute boy who works at our Wallgreens, and today he said I was Wonder Woman. Actually, what he said was, "Or, you can be Wonder Woman," when I told him I didn't need a cart to get my stuff to the car. :P I'm Wonder Woman!
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[ profile] lameos_maximus fic is in my beta readers' capable hands now.

[ profile] femgenficathon is next. I guess I'll need to come up with a plot now. I've got an idea, but I'm not sure I can sustain it for 1,000 words. Also, it's in the Star Wars universe, which makes me kind of nervous. I love the original trilogy, but I don't know any canon that isn't part of the movies. I've no idea what sort of ships people fly, or blaster settings, or what have you.

I went to see "Little Miss Sunshine" in Minneapolis this afternoon. Some street fair was going on around the theater, which made getting there and back kind of a pain in the ass. But it was worth it because I liked the film. Read more... )

There's a used book store by the theater, and I picked up Mrs Dalloway by Virginia Woolf, Assassination Vacation by Sarah Vowell (I adore her), and this old (published 1944) book of poems about Minnesota. I figured it would be a nice thing to have when I finally leave here, but when the guy at the counter rang me up, what he said was, "What possessed you to choose this one?"

That bodes ill.

Actually, when I pressed him he admitted that he hadn't read it, just that they'd had the book for years and years and no one had wanted it. Heh.


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