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Per this meme: Ask me to take a picture of any aspect of my life that you're interested in - it can be anything from the house I live in to my favorite shoes. Leave your choice here as a comment, and I will reciprocate by taking the pictures and posting them as an LJ entry. That way you get to know a little bit about my life, if you're remotely interested in it.

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Anything else you'd like to see?
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Plan: laze around in pajamas, shower, laze around in clothes, heat up frozen tempura, watch "The Two Towers," observe the stroke of midnight, bed. Not as much fun as last year, but I'm in a supremely lazy mood.

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I am burnt to a crisp. I swear, I wore SPF fucking 70 sun screen, but...I guess it got rubbed off while I was lying supine in the sand. Anyway, OW. But I had a very nice time in Onekama (emphasis on the second syllable). That was my first time in Michigan. *adds another ink dot to the world map on the wall* It's a very pretty area, and my stepdad's mother has a cabin right on the lake, and that's where we stayed.

Pictures of a pretty, pretty lake )

So, my cat is acting needy and I ought to heat up some dinner.

Oh, [ profile] boosette! Apropos of nothing, my mother started talking about Star Trek TOS and how she and her college friends used to gather in front of the dorm tv and watch every week. I could not sound her out on shipping. I'll keep working on her because I am dead curious.
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I am writing my paper. Really. Just...slowly. I figure, if I can get most of it done today, I will be in Good Shape, because that will give me an entire day and a half to finish it and polish it.

Mom was over this weekend. She brought me chocolate chip cookies.

Yesterday, we went to the Milwaukee Art Museum. I'll post a couple of pictures because it's an amazing building, and a pretty awesome museum. It's shaped like a boat and it's right on the water, so it actually feels a bit like a boat. It has a good collection of art. I had the most fun in the mind-bending, sort of experimental rooms. There was this installation called Matrix IV, which was just... I don't know how to describe it! Like something out of Star Wars. Or, well, the Matrix movies, which I guess inspired the title. It was dizzying, but awesome. Even more awesome was the Infiniti Room. It's this little glass room, full of... I don't remember exactly how it was set up, but there are mirrors and tiny lights, and even though the room is small, the space feels infinite. Like you're standing in the heart of a galaxy.

We had brunch this morning at a Cajun restaurant near my apartment. Mom was traveling with one of her best friends, who'd come from Georgia originally, and she approved of the food, so that was good.

Now, hear I am, back in my apartment with my cats and my paper, which is due Tuesday. It's raining, I have Mozart playing on the stereo. I have lots of tea. I need to get to work, dammit. Stop dragging your feet, Thistle.

Oh, here are some photographs:

On, Milwaukee )

Okay, now back to work. I think I have all my research material assembled.
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Ellen Kushner fans, I'm offering a signed copy of Swordspoint over at [ profile] livelongnmarry. (I love Kushner too, but I'm willing to part with this one for a worthy cause, and this one is worthy.)

Finished my [ profile] femslash08 fic and am just waiting to hear back from my lovely beta reader. (Pfft, I had the only story outlined very shortly after receiving my assignment. Then, just last Sunday, I went and came up with something else.)

I'm SO tired, people. I drove to Madison on Thursday and hung out with Brother One and his friends. We watched a few clips from "Planet Earth," which, OMG. It looks fantastic. I want to see more. Then, early Friday morning, we drove out to Milwaukee, to look for apartments for me.

I actually only got to check out two places because a couple of the apartments I'd wanted to see were taken by the time I got there.

But I liked the first apartment we looked at and so


It's super small - I don't know the dimensions, but there'll be enough room for my queen-size bed and a few other pieces of furniture - and really, little else. It has three windows, a small closet, and a bar separating the kitchenette from the rest of the place. Also, it has a ceiling fan, which is nice. I have to pay extra for parking, but it's super cheap. The block is pretty - not especially classy, but there were lillies poking out of just about everywhere, and it's really close to the bus line and Brady Street, which is a major street, full of shops and restaurants. It's within walking distance of Lake Michigan and the Art Museum, which is shaped like a boat. I can have both my cats with me, and it's under $500 a month. I'll have to get my own Internet service, but my landlord seems nice and it'll do. It'll do.

So, I've got a month left in Minnesota. Hear that? Just a MONTH. That means we need to DO something, my Minnesota people. I don't care what. I just want to see you before I leave.

[ profile] greenspine, send me your contact info and we'll meet up, maybe next month!

Okay, so I got back to Madison at about 5 pm, packed up the car, and drove back to Minnesota. I drove straight into one of the most dramatic thunderstorms I've ever seen. First, there were just clouds piled up on the horizon, occasionally lit by lightning. Then the whole sky went dark and the rain came down, and there were these fantastic bolts just streaking across the sky. All I could see were the stripes on the road and the tail lights of the car in front of me.

It was scary.

But cool!

It was like a giant Emperor Palpatine was torturing someone...very far to my right. :P

Also, Brother One likes my Indiana Jones / Casablanca crossover, but he thinks they should be after King Solomon's gold instead of some made-up treasure from Greek mythology. And they should meet up with Katanga again, because he's awesome. Brother One thinks they should be fighting Soviets, but I prefer Nazis. Also, the brother wanted a different love interest; I want Marion.

I'm SO TIRED, GUYS. From walking around Milwaukee in the heat, then driving for so many hours, then getting up relatively early today. I think I'm going to collapse on the sofa with some movies and chips and this really yummy salsa I found in Milwaukee. It's peanut salsa and it's delicious!

I'll send some of you my new address once I'm there; the previous tenant hasn't moved out yet.

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I've been listening to the broadcast from the DFL convention in Rochester. Al Franken just won the endorsement. I'm pleased, though I liked Jack Nelson-Palmeyer too. I think Franken has a better chance of beating Norm Coleman. I was thinking earlier someone had better beat Coleman in November. Then I thought, but Coleman's such a toady; he'll just switch parties again when the Democrats reclaim the White House.

Anyhow, today is my tenth high school reunion, and I'm feeling all mixed up. It's in New York, so I'm not going. Part of me wants to go, but another, stronger part of me wants to curl up and disappear because I feel like I've accomplished so little in the past five years. (The five years after high school were mostly all right. I got derailed sometime in 2001, but it didn't become apparent to me until late 2003.) It felt so strange, eyeing the list of former schoolmates who'd RSVP'd, noting the ones who'd married, noting the ones I found unfamiliar. I bet they're all thin and successful. But maybe they're not. I didn't feel this way before my fifth college reunion.

It really doesn't feel like ten years has passed since I was graduated.

I've been feeling so antsy lately. I want to be doing something. *sigh* In two and a half months, unless something goes dreadfully wrong, I'll be in my own apartment, about to start grad school.

When I said I'd been derailed I don't mean that I never expected my eighteen-year-old hopes and dreams to change. I mean I thought I'd feel more mature at twenty-eight. I thought I'd be doing something I enjoy. I thought I'd have my autonomy.
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4 of the 6 icons I uploaded most recently are of women resting their heads on their hands. That wasn't intentional. I don't know what it means other than I happen to have some pretty icons featuring women resting their heads on their hands.

I'm thinking about moving to Utah. )

Another strange statistic: almost a third of Sophie's friends on catster are DEAD. She's a femme fatale.


Mar. 7th, 2008 08:14 pm
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Everyone else is doing it: Thistlerose: the high school years! )
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- Agenda for the day: taxes, gym, update FAFSA, fic.

- My tenth high school reunion is this year. I won't be going, mostly because it'll be in the spring and I won't be moving back east until at least August. (Unless there's a change of plans. But right now, I seem to have settled on Drexel and Philadelphia.) I've been feeling oddly nostalgic for high school. Odd because, until my senior year, I was mostly miserable. I've been looking people up through the alumnae website, and seeing how successful some of them are, and feeling discouraged. High school, I'm coming to realize, was all about excelling. My high school was, anyway. College, on the other hand, was mostly about discovering yourself. I felt fabulous after my college reunion. I'm pretty sure I'd feel intimidated if I went to my high school reunion. *sigh*

- The NY Times has endorsed Hillary Clinton as the Democratic candidate for president. There are some things I like about Clinton, some things I don't, but I can't say it wasn't a bit exhilirating, reading a paper as widely read as the Times, endorsing a woman - not because she's a woman, but because she's qualified.

The Times also endorsed John McCain as the Republican candidate, and it turned out to be kind of a fun read because it wasn't so much an edorsement of McCain as an indictment of all the other hopefuls. (Especially Giuliani.)

- I posted fic the other day: Pieces of Home, which is about Xander and Dawn (gen) post-series. There's a special guest star.

- I seem to be the only person on my flist who didn't care for "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang," the first episode of the new Torchwood season. I liked "Sleeper" better. Read more... )
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The good news is that it's Friday, I saw The Lion King last night, my [ profile] yuletide story is still coming along nicely, I have dried pineapple, and Drexel University accepted me.*

The bad news is that I scratched and dented my car pulling out of a narrow spot last night.**

* YAY! That's 2 out of 4, so far. This one doesn't start until mid-September of next year, which is a minus. On the plus side, it's on the east coast!

** What happened was, I was in this narrow spot, and it was dark, and there were three cars lined up, waiting for the one in front to pull into my spot once I'd left. Only, the front car was kind of close, and it was dark. Still, nothing bad would have happened if the lamp post hand't been right there. *groan* I don't know what I'm going to do. I don't care much about the dent because it's shallow and you can only really see it if you look. But the paint is scratched, and I'm worried about rust. I'll have to try to patch it up.


When I was learning to drive, I bumped the Toyota into curbs and things all the time. The only time it got scratched was when Dan wiped snow off the trunk with a shovel. I nudge a lamp post with my Hyundai and it crumples like aluminum foil.

I repeat: THE HELL?
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On Saturday, I went up to Two Harbors, which is on the northern shore of Lake Superior, and spent the night at a bed and breakfast that is also a working lighthouse. Despite the lack of colorful leaves, it was still very beautiful.

My pictures, let me show you them. )
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Oh, what a week.

Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize. (Deservedly, IMO.)

I got into grad school. (Yes, I've known this for a week. But it wasn't official until I had the letter of acceptance in my hand. And that arrived this morning. More on that below.)

I found my Arwen/Elrond icon.

One of the coolest women I know is taking me to see "The Lion King" next month.

I have a bunny for my [ profile] yuletide story. Wheee! Oh, Character X. What fun we'll have. Okay, what fun I'll have.

Dumbledore is gay. (I'm alternately amused and irritated by fandom's reactions. Yeesh, people.)

More about grad school! )
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I don't know that I can describe everything I saw and did while in Massachusetts and Connecticut, so I'm not going to try. I'll say this: I felt like I'd come home the very moment our car merged onto the Mass Pike. Not that I love driving around Boston, but everything about it felt familiar and right.

Smith was amazing. The reunion was even more fun than I'd anticipated. The campus was gorgeous (except for the construction around Haven House! Wah!) The weather was...tolerable. It was pretty warm, but sunny. And it became cooler toward the end. Northampton hasn't changed much in five years.

*sigh* I wrote everything in my paper journal and I feel as if the words went out of me. Or maybe it's just that I'm tired. I didn't get much sleep.

It was like...returning to an older, better world. And despite the lack of sleep, I'm feeling galvanized.

I'm going to grad school. I think I know how I'm going to finance it too. I'm going to grad school in New England, and then I'm going to get a job I enjoy in a place I love.

I can totally do it. I'm a Smith woman and Smith women are fabulous.


There were alums from the class of 1932. 1932! These women were 97 years old, but there they were, leading the parade.

I mean, it's not perfect. I think - excuse me, I feel - that Smithies tend to become overly analytical and self-righteous. But we mean well. Senior year was really not the best. I've spent five years thinking it was just me, but it wasn't.

Anyway, I'm sure you don't want a list of all my activities, so here are some of the pictures I took. They're mostly scenery. And there are lots of them. )
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I was just saying to [ profile] marauderthesn, wouldn't it be cool if, instead of hiring hitpeople to murder your enemies, you could hire people to throw pies in their faces? Like, there could be a bakery, which is actually a base of operations. All the bakers are secretly hitpeople! I think it would be a great way to resolve conflicts. Yes, you get a pie in the face if you cross the wrong person, but the pies taste really good. The dry cleaners would benefit too.

Shakespeare's birthday is tomorrow. Sophie's is Tuesday. My baby is going to be three! I am so pussy cat whipped it's not even funny. How did this cat end up taking over my life? *sigh*'

I cleaned up my bedroom closet today. I found all kinds of things I'd forgotten I had. Like capris. And a floor. It felt good getting that space organized, but at the same time, the sheer volume of stuff made me feel... I don't know. Trapped, I suppose. I don't mean that my soul is weighed down by material possessions, though that could be so. I mean, how in the world am I going to move all this stuff when I finally leave Minnesota? I feel a bit anchored here right now and I don't like that. I don't like the way everything fits neatly in place (except for my tank tops, which are in a big pile on my chair because I ran out of hangers and drawers). It makes me feel like I actually live here. Does that make sense? Is it crazy?
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This afternoon I went to the Science Museum of Minnesota to see a friend's daughter perform Indonesian dances. (I think that when many people think of Minnesotans, they think of beautiful, tall, blond people of Scandinavian and German descent. And yes, there's a lot of that, but the Twin Cities are also quite diverse ethnically, and they really seem to embrace that diversity. It's awesome.)

Anyway, after the show I walked around the museum for a little while. I'd been there about five years ago, but I'd forgotten that it boasts the most complete Tricerotops skeleton in the world. The Tricerotops's name is Fafner. Richard Wagner's granddaughter named it. I'm not sure why.

Dinosaurs are so cool. They're like, some of the coolest things EVAR.

But I had this thought as I was looking at a case of prehistoric feces that had fossilized. It would be funny if you were a Stegosaurus or something, and you crapped somewhere, and then you were reincarnated as a person who went to a museum and saw a case of prehistoric feces, and you had to turn to your friend and say, "Shit, I think that's my shit." That would be funny, wouldn't it?

ETA: Or! If you take a dump in the woods somewhere, then invent a time machine, travel to the future, and the people of the future take you to a museum where your fossilized leavings are preserved under glass... In those sort of situations, you really just have to sit back and laugh. I'm just saying.

I apologize for the scatalogical nature of this post. I'm in a weird-but-good mood. Wish I had some wine. And cake. Mmm, cake.
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The snow is pretty now that the roads and the sky are both clear. You should have seen my dog last night, chugging through the snow in the backyard. It came up to her chin! She looked like she was swimming.

My [ profile] tenyearsofbuffy fic might be a little late, though I'm going to try to get it done tonight. I'm rewriting it, which means Dean isn't going to be in it. But I like the stuff I've written already, so perhaps I'll save it for another fic.

So, what was I doing yesterday? Mostly groaning about how much I ached after shoveling, reading Obama's book, and watching tv. I watched "Crossroad Blues" (SPN 2.9?) Oh, Dean. Your manpain makes me ache. So, they're just leaving the artist to his fate? I know that's what he said he wanted, but dude.

I watched The Departed last night. Good film. Very violent, but somehow, not as shockingly so as Pan's Labyrinth. Vera Farmiga had a pretty thankless role. spoiler ) But I liked everyone else. Marky Mark was pretty bad-ass.


Doesn't this apartment sound lovely? I want it. I wish I could afford it.
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The drift by the back door is a little higher. To get a sense of scale, I coaxed Sophie in front of it.

The cat discovers snow )

And here are some more pictures of the yard, including a clearer one of the chair. )

[ profile] hp_fridayfive:

1. Pick your favourite subject back at school - what do you suppose is its magical subject counterpart?

I'm going to assume that school is high school. My favorite subject was English. I don't know. I don't recall any literature classes at Hogwarts. Which peeves me, suddenly. Perhaps Muggle Studies would be the equivalent, since you can't study Muggles without touching on literature.

2. Would you rather be a Pure-blood or a Half-blood? Why?

I'd rather be a Weasley. But since that's not the question... Half-blood, I guess. Hybrids tend to be stronger, and I'd be a part of two worlds, rather than just one. Really, though, it doesn't matter. Your blood doesn't make you a better or worse person.

3. What job would you ideally have in the wizarding world?

Librarian at Hogwarts. I think it would be fun. I could live in the castle, amid all those interesting books.

4. Given the opportunity, would you ever use a love potion?

No. I don't see the point. For one thing, it's illegal. For another, I'd know he doesn't really love me.

5. Have you ever named a pet/child/inanimate object after a Potter character?

I have a plush doggy (I think he's a bull terrier) named Footpad, a plush wolf named Moony, and a plush lab named Padfoot. They're around here somewhere.
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I have never seen so much snow. O_O I shoveled part of the driveway this evening, and when I got to the end and turned around, I saw that everything I'd uncovered was covered again. It's up to my dog's chin.

More photos, mostly of the backyard )


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