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Minnesota Supreme Court Is Unanimous: Franken Won

Which I believe gives the Democrats a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate. \o/

I wonder how this will affect the governor's chances of being re-elected, if that's even what he wants, since he has his eye on the presidency.

ETA: Aaaand, Coleman has conceded!
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Watching Rachel Maddow (I love her) skewer Bush on

One more week.
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It's getting colder, darker, and windier. *sigh*

The Milwaukee Shakespeare Company closed! That's disappointing. I'd had season tickets, and really enjoyed their production of "Love's Labours Lost." Fortunately, the Milwaukee Rep allowed me to exchange my tickets to "Henry V" and "Othello" for tickets to two of their shows. So, I'm seeing "Mirandolina," an interpretation of Carlo Goldoni's eighteenth century play, and Chekov's "The Cherry Orchard." I've never seen or read anything by Chekov. We share a birthday, though.

I'm still kind of euphoric about Tuesday. I keep seeing photographs like the one in Judith Warner's opinion piece (which is really worth reading) and tearing up. This one made me cry too )

So did this one )
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Jon Stewart's intro last night filled me with squee, so I made a few icons. They're not of the highest quality because I just captured the shots from the show's website. Still you're more than welcome to use them, if you like them. Please give me credit, though. No great effort went into these, but it's polite.

Also, Mom just sent me pictures of Emily the dog on Election Day. Can I get an AWWWWW? )
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They're setting off fire crackers in Milwaukee )

I can't imagine for a second that things will get better the moment Obama takes the oath (!!!!) I mean, certain things are beyond the control of any one human being. But I think he'll put this country back on the right path. And I believe that, somehow, over the course the past two years, we as a country changed for the better.

OMG you guys OMG!!!!!

Wow, the Senate race in Minnesota is still too close to call.

ETA: Watching Obama's victory speech. Oooh, Biden! Oooh, Michelle! Obama's getting his daughters a puppy!
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Okay, New Hampshire, you can stay.

On, Wisconsin!

OMG, call Florida already, PLEASE call Florida! And Colorado. And North Carolina. OMG NORTH CAROLINA!
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I voted absentee, so I have no polling place photos.

However... )

In short: eeeeee!

Now I have to go to class. How unfair is that?
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You know what to do.


I need to finish my homework. Then, if I manage to do that before 11, I think I'm going to take a slow drive around my neighborhood and photograph all the Obama signs and stickers. I want to remember today.

ETA: For your nerves.
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So, I'm going a bit mad here. I have an assignment due tomorrow, and I'll get to it, but first I need to write just a little bit more about why I voted for Obama, why I hope like hell that he wins tomorrow, and why I can't stand McCain and the other Republicans in power right now. I'm really not looking for a debate. I want to be done arguing.

Anyway. )
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Um, could whichever one of you recently made a voice post please check your HTML? I can't see who you are, but I think you're the one making my flist all wonky. I can't read anything past the top of your post. :(

[ profile] eudaimon, you were in my dream last night. You changed your username and the new one was in the Cyrillic alphabet, and I was angry because I had no idea how to pronounce it, let alone spell it. But your layout looked awesome. Is that weird?

God, I'm jittery. I just cleaned my apartment. I'll probably do it again tomorrow. Like a few of you, I'm putting together an Election 2008 mix. It's still a WIP, but here's the playlist, for now )
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I hope you all had a fun, safe Halloween! I spent it with [ profile] greenspine. We took her adorable daughter - and niece, and friends' children - tick-or-treating and then there was pumpkin pie and "Supernatural" and it was wonderful good fun.

Got back to Milwaukee a little before 9 am. Lovely, quiet morning. Bought apples and frozen pie crust on the way home. As long as I have the spices on hand (and I do!), it costs so much less to make the pie than to buy it pre-made, and this way my apartment smells heavenly. Just a few people stumbling to their cars, still in costume. Awesome. And I got a really good parking spot! (This is a big deal.)

Went through all the nominated [ profile] yuletide fandoms and made lists of the ones for which I could write, and the ones I'd like written for me. This, I'm hoping, will prevent me from doing anything rash when sign-ups open. Just need to narrow my WANT list down to four. (It's at eight right now.)

All caught up on my tv. Now I really have no excuses not to get to work on my paper, which is due tomorrow evening. Making a paper due Sunday is just beastly, IMO.

Oh, I know it's a day late, but wanna see something scary? Palin doesn't understand the First Amendment. Palin says she's ready to lead, should McCain win (unlikely at this point, but still) and snuff it. Palin, how can you be ready to give your solemn oath that you'll protect and defend the Constitution of the United States if you don't even know what's in it?

ETA: Salon seems to be having some issues, so if the linked page is blank, here's the text )
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Since I voted by absentee ballot, I guess I won't be getting an "I Voted" sticker this year. That makes me a little sad.

The NY Times has a (to me) fair comparison of Obama's and McCain's health care plans, which I've C&P'd here. Health care is a huge deal for me. I want coverage, and I want all of you to be covered because if you are, the cost of the whole thing goes down. Seriously. Universal coverage decreases the cost of health care. And also, I want you all to be healthy, and if you're not, I want you to be able to get help without having to sell your home. Because I'm nice like that.

Obama's plan is better than McCain's. It's less risky, covers more people, and ultimately costs less. It's not great, though. It doesn't cover anywhere near as many as it should. My hope is that Obama will put Senator Clinton in charge of health care reform, or at least rely very heavily on her recommendations.

the comparison )
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This is kind of neat, if you're an American history geek like me: all the NY Times's presidential endorsements, from Lincoln to Obama. As you can see, prior to 1960, the Times's endorsements were split pretty evenly between Democrats and Republicans. In 1896, the Times endorsed a candidate who wasn't a member of one of the two major parties - John M. Palmer of the National Democratic Party. Interesting. (McKinley, the Republican, won.)

ETA: Will Farrell as Bush and Tina Fey as Palin on SNL.
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NY Times endorses Obama. No shit, of course, but it's about time they did it officially. Full endorsement behind the cut. )
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Keith Olbermann is my hero, with his sharp words for Palin, Limbaugh, and that fuckwit Michele Bachmann, who, I'm sad I admit, is my Congresswoman. Can we please vote this nutcase out of office, finally? Seriously, Minnesotans. Get rid of that harpy.
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This election needs to end soon because I'm getting frothy and I'm so afraid I'll start alienating people. If I haven't already done so.

Via Digby's blog: Joe Biden for the win. (Though I disagree with the God thing.) And Sarah Palin for the major fail.

I am so, so tired of hearing that "real America" = small towns. It's bullshit. I love that, back in August, McCain told us we were all Georgians, but his running mate doesn't seem to think I'm a real American. As far as I'm concerned, anyone who can claim American citizenship is a real American. And I really believe that America's diversity is one of its best qualities, and to the ones who say otherwise, I say BULLSHIT.

ETA: According to one of McCain's top aides, northern Virginia isn't the real Virginia.

Frank Rich talks about why McCain is made of fail.
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Over at the NY Times, Frank Rich writes about why McCain's attempts to quell his enraged followers are inadequate, and how that may be deliberate. That's pretty much what I've been saying, though I didn't know about Palin quoting Westbrook Pegler. O_o
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Still haven't finished the paper that's due in approximately twenty-four hours. Okay, I'm about a sixth done with it. Well, more, since I did the necessary research. Considering it only has to be about 600 words, I don't know what's wrong with me. I'm going to unplug my laptop in a minute, so I won't be tempted to surf the web while I write.

Still no driver's license, but I talked with the people at the DMV, and they're going to send me a thing to fill out, so I can get it re-sent - to my current address, this time. The woman seemed confident that this would work. She also seemed empathetic when I whined that no one had told me the post office wouldn't forward my license.

Of greater concern at the moment is my absentee ballot, which hasn't arrived yet. It should arrive any day, but I'm getting antsy. Worse comes to worst, I can register to vote in Wisconsin as late as the 15th, or at my polling place on Election Day. One way or another, I am voting for Barack Obama. But I'd also like to vote for the Minnesota politicians I knew and like, you know? Franken, Swails, and the rest.

Speaking of, [ profile] liz_marcs has a post with some very useful links, if you live in the United States and intend to vote next month. The deadlines for quite a few states are upon us, and they're purging voters in a number of states, so you might want to check and make sure you're not among them.
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Okay, so there was some confusion yesterday as to what, exactly, Sarah Palin couldn't come up with in her interview with Katie Couric. The question Couric asked was, apart from Roe v. Wade, with which Supreme Court decisions has Palin disagreed?

She couldn't name one, as you can see in this handy, scary video.

Considering it's Palin's party that keeps whining about partisan judges, and how legislating from the bench is bad, you'd think she could come up with one other. Like, for example, the one in which she was involved?



Anyway, whee, it's Thursday. Only one more day until the weekend - though today isn't over yet - I need to run to class in five minutes. The weekend should be fun. Mom and a mutual friend, whom I adore, are coming to visit. Neither has seen Milwaukee. I've only been here a month and a half. I need to clean the Cat Cave, as it's looking a bit wild. O_o And I have to find a topic for my paper, which is due Tuesday. Fneh.


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