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- Finished my Yuletide story! With plenty of time for edits. Boo-ya! Of course, now I just want to step away from it for a day or two and work on other things. I have a treat in the works, and I'm drawing up outlines for a few [community profile] fandom_stocking ficlets. I didn't sign up myself this year, but I'm going to try to fill some stockings anyway to make up for the year when I only received. (And got bitched at by some Anon for not thanking people quickly enough. Oy.) We'll see what I can whip together by the 6th. I'm feeling good right now!

- Speaking of receiving, [ profile] katmarajade wrote me a lovely Sulu & Kirk ficlet: Unbelievable! It's adorable. I love the idea of city mouse Hikaru Sulu completely flummoxed by rural Iowa. And just in time for the first night of Chanukah, too!

- Happy Chanukah! I'm going to light my menorah when I get home.

- Sophie had her vet appointment yesterday afternoon, and the vet couldn't find anything obviously wrong with her. I mean, she saw the scabs, but none of them were fresh, so nothing leaped out at her as the obvious cause. *sigh* I'm going to monitor my girl and sneak some Omega 3 into her food, and see if that helps. Poor itchy cat.

- I have pictures from my hike on Sunday, which was my 18th mountain of the year and my third trip up Mount Watatic in Ashburnham, MA. It's just a nice little mountain.

And the view is amazing. )
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193 words! And I think I've finally hit on the central argument of this story. Yeah, I barely wrote at all this weekend. I spent almost all my time in the mountains!

16. Mount Watatic in Ashburnham, MA (1832 feet)
17. Gap Mountain in Troy, NH (1820 feet)

Both repeats, but there's something nice about revisiting a mountain in a different season. (Okay, I last did Watatic two weeks ago.) November feels so different from August, and I don't just mean temperature-wise. The forest is brighter, because the leaves aren't blocking out the sky, but it's kind of sad and lonely at the same time. But in a nice way! Anyway, I have pictures.

Read more... )

I want to keep hiking. One of the people I went with yesterday was telling me about spikes you can affix to your boots, so I need to look into those. And long underwear. And snow shoes.
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15. Mount Watatic, MA (1,832 feet)

I almost talked myself out of going, since I remembered - shortly before going to sleep, which is a terrible time to start thinking about scary things - that it's hunting season and bears exist. I proceeded to have a terrible dream about being chased by this gang of people on roller skates who had these long, extendable metal arms with spinning blades at the ends. Eek! But when I woke up the sun was shining, so I said fuck it, let's go for a hike.

My guidebook called Mount Watatic a moderate hike, but it was actually pretty easy. 2.77 miles out and back, including a jaunt to nearby Nutting Hill. The view was amazing, though, and totally made it worth it. I could see all the way to Boston. (Mount Watatic is in north-central MA, so it's a ways.) It was cold at the summit, though. I think I would've been okay if I hadn't left my sweatshirt in the car (I was already wearing three shirts, plus a vest) but ... I did, and six hours later I'm still kind of chilled.

Not sure what I'm going to do next, since it is getting cold. But I don't think I'm ready to hang up my boots just yet. I'm enjoying this too much, both the fun of seeing the world from above and the fact that I'm stronger and faster than I was only a few months ago, and my new jeans fit amazingly.

Anyway, I have pics from Mount Watatic. Read more... )

I feel like I should do something tomorrow, since it's supposed to be sunny again, but I don't know what yet.
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13. Mount Skatutakee (NH, 1998 feet)
14. Thumb Mountain (NH, 1978 feet)

File this under things my mother doesn't need to know.

I got lost in the woods yesterday! Not very lost (I knew which mountain I was on, and roughly how far I was from the trail head) but lost enough. It's a scary feeling. When you lose your sense of direction, suddenly the woods seem very, very vast and you feel very, very tiny. I think what happened was, with all the recent rain, a bunch of trees fell down, including ones that bore blazes. I got past a certain point on the trail, and there were just no more blazes. I figured if I got to the summit, I'd find my bearings, but while I think I found the highest point on the mountain, it didn't look anything like the guidebook's description.

Obviously (after a few minutes of ohgodohgod) I found my way back to the trail. I did have a map, and a compass, and I'd been tracking my progress with a phone app, so I was able to retrace my steps. But I was also kind of glad I'd told people where I'd be hiking, and approximately when to expect me back.

Once I did find my way back to the trail, it was nice! The view from Mount Skatutakee Mountain was not so much - but then, I'm not convinced I was in the right spot, even though I'd reached the highest point - but the view from Thumb Mountain, which shares Skatutakee's ridge, was magnificent. I could see for miles, and there was not another human being in sight. There's something so incredible about being the only person on a mountaintop, when the whole countryside is spread out beneath you. It's like it's all there for you.

I have pictures. )

I was thinking of climbing Mount Watatic in northern MA today, but I'm tired and it's looking kind of gray out there. I want to do as much hiking as I can before it gets too cold and starts to snow (I'm not that hardcore) but today might be a rest day. I burned through so many calories yesterday that my body seems to be in a constant state of FEED ME.

Plus I could do some writing before Yuletide assignments go out.

I have three different fics I'm working on at the moment. One is ... I don't know where it's going. I'm worried I wrote myself into a hole. One is pure idfic (but my kind of idfic, so less with the sexing and more with the cuddling). The third one ... started out as humor but it's quickly turned serious as the characters have decided they want to have a conversation about a situation that I guess could be described as mutual dub-con, but they have very different values systems so they see it very differently. I guess it's an interesting challenge for me; I'm writing about a character I think most people would disagree with, but for the moment it feels IC. I don't know. We'll see where this one goes.
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The plan is to leave Maryland very early tomorrow morning, before sunrise if possible. If my car is going to break down on the Turnpike, I want it to happen when there isn't a lot of traffic. Though, so far, it's been behaving suspiciously well.

This is my last reference shift! At least at this library. *sigh* I'll miss it, though mostly for my co-workers. I'm really looking forward to working exclusively with graduate students. I feel like I'll have fewer conversations that go like this:

Me: Hi, can I help you?
Student: Yeah, I need some scholarly journals. (They tend to use journals and articles interchangeably.)
Me: Okay. What's your topic?
Student: I don't know.

Well, that narrows it down. :\

Anyway, most of my stuff is packed. There's a big pile of boxes and bags in my room right now, and looking at it makes me antsy. I need to know that it's all going to fit in my car, but I can't pack the car right now. And I'm not getting home until this evening, since I'm having lunch and seeing "The Hobbit" with a friend after work. *wrings hands*

It'll work out. Because it has to.

Pictures of Lloyd helping me pack yesterday. )
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Another fun day of packing. I think things are going well, but we'll see for sure when I start to load up the car. I always think my trunk is bigger than it really is.

Eight said something about wishing he could keep the presidents book that his teacher lent him. I suggested that Santa might get him an even nicer book about the presidents for Christmas, and he got upset. Apparently a book is not an acceptable Christmas present because Santa wouldn't waste his time on something like that. Because "It's just a cheap thing you can get in the store for like four dollars!" He really, really wants a book he can keep, but not for Christmas. Er, he might get one anyway, unless I can find a fun game about the presidents. No clue what I'm getting his little brother, Four.

Since I've been packing, there are boxes everywhere, and Lloyd needs to sit in each one.

Photos )

Yuletide story is 51 words now! \o/
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Dear LJ: Your new scrapbook is annoying and difficult to use, at least when you want to share a bunch of photos in an entry.

So, anyway, here are some of the photos from my weekend in New England/college reunion. There are 31, so if you have a slow computer ... sorry. (They're only about 600x400, though.)

It was a lovely weekend. )
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I've tried posting pictures from my college reunion, but I've discovered that LJ's and Photobucket's albums are not conducive to ... anything.

So, in lieu of pictures of Smith (which was stunningly gorgeous) here are pictures of some cupcakes I've eaten recently.

Pre-consumption, obviously. )

Something I don't get, that's starting to irritate me: overuse of LOL. When someone writes "LOL," I imagine they really are laughing out loud, or find something laugh-out-loud funny. Or else, why would you write it? But I see people type things like (I swear) "I had peas with dinner, LOL." Or "Your cat has beautiful eyes, LOL." WHY IS THAT FUNNY? Maybe I'm just humorless, but I don't get it. I picture people laughing out loud over completely random things. :\

(Note: I haven't seen this pop up on my friends list, so I'm not talking about any of you. This seems more like a Facebook thing.)

*hands in the air*
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Btw, thank you to everyone who gave their advice re. Avatar. I've decided to watch all three seasons, then catch up with Korra later. I've only seen four episodes of Avatar, but so far I like it.

I'm working tomorrow, so if anyone wants to take a stab at guessing which Remix Madness fic(s) I wrote before the reveal... I'll write you a drabble if you get at least one right. (Current fandoms only.) Comments are screened.

For the past two months I've been getting to the gym at least three times a week (except for when I caught that weird bug and when I was in New York) and I feel good. Tired, but good. I think my arms are getting stronger, which is exciting! I'll never have perfect Michelle Obama arms, but this is the aim.

I download the Instagram app the other day and I've been playing with it. Behold the cuteness of Lloyd in a box. )
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My mom sent me a box of cookies for Valentine's Day, all tied up with a pink ribbon. I enjoyed the cookies. Guess who's having fun with the ribbon?

Lloyd at play. )
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It was pointed out that all my recent cat pic spams have been of Lloyd, so here is one for Sophie. I love Lloyd to pieces and he amuses me endlessly, but Sophie is like an extension of my soul or something. I'm the only person in the world that this cat seems to trust, and that means a lot to me. I mean, I wish she weren't such a scaredy cat, but since she is, I'm very protective of her. :)

Sophie through the years. )

In short, she's a nutcase, but and I love her.
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Hello, from Maryland. So, on Friday I drove for a long time, and now I'm here. I keep getting tearful, especially when I look at maps. This morning I sat in my car for a few minutes, sniffling over AAA's triptyk. I don't know if that's because I'm cracking from the strain or homesick or unhappy or what. It's pretty here. My landlady seems nice, though I think she's kind of a hoarder. At least she's moving her crap out of my bedroom. Her property is very pretty, though. And she has horses! They're nice. So, I think this might work as a short-term solution, though I really, really, really want my own place.

The cats seem happy. Sophie runs and hides whenever she hears people moving around downstairs, but Lloyd is cool. I think he could be happy any place that doesn't have garden hoses.

I'm in a Starbucks right now. I just drove past my place of employment to see where it is. There's free parking outside, I think. Hallelujah.

Anyway. Here's another smallish pic spam of Lloyd In Things. (I made a Tumblr as requested, btw. It's here. There's nothing there yet, though.)

With bonus Sophie In Things. )
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I was going to post my thoughts about the 10th anniversary of 9/11, but truthfully, my day wasn't particularly interesting. 9/11/01 was Senior Breakfast, and my housemates got me up at what felt like ass o'clock, but was probably more like 7:30. I didn't want to go, but one of them said I had to, or I'd look back and remember this day and wish I'd gone to breakfast at the Alumnae House.

Before this devolves into a political rant, here's a pic spam of Lloyd and all the things he likes to get into.

And one thing he doesn't like to get into. )

Also, this is the pile of books I sorted through yesterday. There are more in the boxes, which you can't see. )
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Thanks for the virtual kisses, guys. ♥ ♥ ♥

I have the day off, which is nice, except that I'm having the worst time being productive. I was going to play with my works-in-progress, but I keep thinking about how I'm going to get Darwin and Alex into the sack. And I'm inventing backstory for them. I don't read the comics, so I'm sure some people somewhere will be annoyed, but ... it's not like the film was completely faithful to canon, right?

(I know, I know, Erik/Charles is the flagship. But everyone else is writing/reading it!)

Anyway, I promised pictures of my delicious raspberry buttermilk cake. There are pictures of my robins too. And my mom's dog. And other things. )
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I forgot I'd made these room boxes for my excess dollhouse furniture. This one features Kirk and McCoy and a special guest star. Er. Not exactly WS, although everyone keeps his clothes on.

Yes, that is a miniature cat tower... )
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Want to see the cool-ass dollhouse my uncle helped me build when I was thirteen? (Er, that is to say, the cool dollhouse I helped my uncle build. He did most of the work.) My action figures will give you a tour.

Since the action figures can't remove their clothes, the tour is rated mostly safe for all audiences. Er. It ended up being mostly Spock/Uhura, only because the Kirk/McCoy pics came out kind of blurry.

Come in, come in... )

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If you don't talk to your cat about catnip ... someone else will. )
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2 Chanukah fics written and posted, 1 Yuletide fic posted, 2 fandom_stocking fics posted and 2 more in the works... I guess my muse is back from wherever he buggered off to last month. Hello, muse.

Got a rejection letter from the Washington County Public Library System. Which I'd kind of been expecting. They required someone with a high school diploma, and I have a Master's. Still. Grrr.

But anyway, we put our solstice tree up the other night. And my cats did silly things. And I took pictures. )
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  • Posted my [ profile] space_wrapped story very late last night: Let It Shine (Kirk/McCoy, Winona, Sam | teen | 6,100 words | Leonard McCoy celebrates his first Chanukah with the Kirks.)

  • Snowpocalypse is over! Now we're just digging ourselves out from under about two feet of snow. The roof of the metro dome caved in. *facepalm*

    I took photos of the yard: Not dial-up friendly )

    And, of course, I couldn't resist doing this: A Winter Love Story, starring Kirk/McCoy & Scotty )
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