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Huge picspam alert - one NSFW.

As promised, I closed the poll as soon as I got home last night, which was about a quarter to ten. It was really, really close! Exciting! So, according to you, the second most beautiful person is... drumroll )

But the person you decided is the most beautiful (by four little votes!) is... drumroll )

And, as promised, my collection of doofy Nathan Fillion pics. Okay, then! )

And just a couple more pics of Ewan and Zoe, to round off the Final Five. This was fun. )
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And the third most beautiful person is... )

And now... Since this is the final round, I figured a proper pic spam was in order. Sorry to those of you using dial up. All pics are SFW.

There can be only one... )

eta: I'm going to be out late tomorrow night and miss the 24-hour deadline, so this round will go on a bit longer than the previous 13. I'll just close the poll whenever I get back to my computer.
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Who's out? )

We're down to the final five! Isn't this exciting? Regardless of the final results, there will be a mini-pic spam of some of the ridiculous pictures I've found of Mr. Fillion. Because they need to be shared.

Who's next? )
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Who's out? )

So this is Naked Day. Should go without saying, but these pictures are somewhat NSFW. (There's one naked ass. Everyone else is at least partly clad.)

I apologize for the comparatively poor quality of some of the photos. Once again, you're voting for the person you like best.

Who's next? )
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Who's out? )

This wasn't intentional, but I realized as I was uploading these that the guys went and made up their own theme today: HANDS!

And once again, we're voting for the person we find MOST attractive. It makes my heart hurt less. :)

Who's next? )
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Who's out? )

NEW RULE FOR THIS ROUND. In the interest of promoting positivity instead of negativity, this time, vote for the person you find most attractive. (I'm hoping this will increase the level of SQUEE!) We'll see how it goes. :)

Who's next? )
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Who's out? )

For today's poll, I told everyone to dress up sweet and sharp. What will tomorrow's theme be? That's partly up to you.

Who's next? )
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Who's out? )

Today we have a theme! Kind of. :) It made picture-hunting a little more interesting.

Who's next? )
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Who's out? )

Who's next? )
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All the cool kids are doing it. I've selected five celebrities I find ridiculously attractive. Your mission is to vote for the person you find the least attractive. In 24 hours, the person with the most votes will be eliminated, and so on. I picked 15 people because I have a hard time making up my mind.

Click for ridiculous amounts of attractiveness )


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