Dec. 29th, 2016

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Actual good things that have happened this year, amid the shit:

- ....
- No, I can think of a few things.
- Nobody close to me died, except for Emily the dog, and we knew that was coming. It sucked a lot, but she was old and very loved.
- I met three of my four hiking goals this year! (And the fourth goal I only tacked on toward the end of the summer, so I don't feel too awful about not making it.) I hiked Mount Monadnock every month of the year for a year, I hiked more mountains than I hiked last year (64, and the year isn't over yet), and I hiked Mount Washington (tallest mountain in the northeast, home to the literal worst weather on the planet). The fourth goal was to bring my 4000-footers total up to 20. I made it to 15.
- I traveled to California and met my dad's side of the family. They're awesome! I went hiking with my uncle and cousins in Yosemite and King's Canyon. One of my fondest memories will be of sitting in my aunt and uncle's kitchen while my aunt made me a grilled cheese sandwich (best sandwich in the world).
- I like my new apartment a lot, even though the reason for the move sucked.
- I think I've finally made progress with a certain academic department. We'll see how that unfolds next year, but I'm hopeful.
- Got a good performance review at work.
- Saw Hamilton!
- Mastered extremely basic bread-making. (Hey, before I couldn't make ANY bread.)
- I can't technically say I lost weight since I weight pretty much exactly what I weighed three years ago, before I became obsessed with hiking. But all my clothes are loose, so I guess I converted fat into muscle, which feels great.
- I got to be Supergirl for Halloween and received lots of compliments. (Though people kept mistaking me for Wonder Woman. Wtf? Do you not see the big S between my boobs?)
- Oscar Isaac and Lin-Manuel Miranda are people who exist.
- I got to visit with some of you.
- Gray jays!!!! I got FIVE gray jays to eat out of my hand. What's more magical than a wild creature coming to you without fear and eating right out of your hand???
- I got to vote for a woman in a national election. Even though it ended REALLY badly (and it's only going to get worse) I'll always have that moment in the voting booth.

There's probably more but that's what springs to mind.

ETA: Oh, and I guess I have my health. All the things I was worried about turned out to be nothing. Diagnosis cost $$$ but I'd rather be poor and healthy than ... not.


I'm strongly considering deleting my Livejournal, btw. Russia doesn't need any more of my information, and all my stuff is over at DreamWidth or AO3 (same username). Just FYI.


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