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I remember how I spent the last day of Bush's presidency. I was living in Milwaukee at the time. I went downtown to pick up tickets to the screening of Obama's inauguration, then I took myself to see "The Wrestler" at the independent movie house down the street from my apartment. I remember it being a crisp, clear day, and I remember feeling so hopeful and refreshed as I walked home from the movie. (Even though it was a pretty depressing movie.)

Today I just want to curl into a ball and hide under my blanket. (That's not what I'm actually doing, since it's a workday, but that's what I'm doing in my heart.) *sigh* It's a gray day here in southern New Hampshire. I went to work. I went to therapy. I talked to my therapist about what I'm going to do in the coming months to try to save the world. (I think I'm going to the Concord, NH march, and next week I'm going to a conference on librarianship and fake news.)

Basically, everything is terrible.

I think one of the reasons Carrie Fisher's death hit me so hard - apart from the fact that I loved her - is, she played one of my very first feminist icons. And we lost her in a year that saw no the election of the first female POTUS, but Jabba the Hutt.

Tomorrow I'm going to work, and then I'm going home and marathoning S2 of Voltron Legendary Defender, and possibly drinking heavily. Fuck.


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